Media Attacking Pro-Life Supporters in Slanderous Ways

The media hates peaceful protests because it does not bring good viewer ratings. The March for Life Rally is a peaceful demonstration in support of life and the right to live. There were people in the pictures from all walks of life and of all nationalities standing together for the common purpose to combat abortion. The media hates this kind of news because it smears its own beliefs into the ground. The media loves what the liberals love. So it stands to reason that they will at some point begin to attack personally the peaceful demonstrators at the rally.

There are many examples of how the media attacks the conservatives and others that demonstrate peacefully. In one case, many gun owners, as they got together and peacefully protested gun-control,  were called by one reporter a “white nationalist” demonstration. The media’s message was that all who own guns are white nationalists. They are not true Americans.

Still, in another case, pro-life school students of a Catholic school were smeared all over the place by Nathan Philips and others for wearing Make America Great Again hats. The media reported that the protestors were violent towards Philips and tried to do things to him. The media failed to check their sources as it was later found to be fake reporting by the media.

There is no doubt that the lying media hates anything and everyone that stands for things of moral value. Anyone that promotes life or freedom is immediately attacked and shamed by the media. In another video, Philips is seen singing in the face of a student that was wearing A Trump hat. The media reported that the boys were surrounding Philips. But the video clearly shows that Philips is the one that is taunting the boys.

Many Media outlets have stated that the boys are the instigators of the problem and reported that they were becoming hostile. But nowhere in the video can any boy being hostile. The media was just trying to drum up violence against a peaceful demonstration. When the truth was finally realized every accusation was voiced by Philips himself. And none of the information could be proven.

But the media did not stop there. They would go on to report of the rally that more Catholic students were anti-woman and against gays. And the attacks just went on from the ignorant media trying to push their liberal agenda. What all the hatred boils down to is that the liberal news reporters hate Catholics. They hate them because many of them are pro-life and stand for good moral codes of conduct.

These are just a few insane examples of how the media in the past has attacked people at rallies. The same kind of treatment is expected at the March for Life Rally. The reporters hate people that support the President because he is a Republican. So it stands to reason that they are going to bash all of his supporters.

All liberal reporters hate pro-life people. They hate the truth behind their arguments. They hate life so much that they are calling the rally “The March Against Abortion Rights.” This is not what it is truly called. They have changed the name to something that it is not. Fake reporting has started at the top.

The video from the Native American man and the boys covers the Catholics from Covington Catholic schools. The media interpreted the actions in the video against the peaceful protests of the group. Philips hates the boys because he hates Trump. And President Trump is the one that wants to build a wall for the protection of all people.

The maniac and gross media will stop at nothing to smear the name of righteousness and life. They will attack any good person and organization simply because they disagree with what they stand for. President Trump has shown how to put the bloodthirsty reporters in their place and that is by not allowing them to speak. He has taken a page out of their book and used it against them. Which has worked extremely well to the point that the media hates President Trump even more.