Media Hides Truth of Human Death at the Hands of Abortion Doctors

Democrats cry loud and clear that the right to commit murder needs to be legal so parents can decide whether or not they want their little babies to be born. After all, they believe that selective parenting is the right of any household. Those little babies that are not wanted are to be terminated with conscience or question. And so begins the extermination of the American people.

The so-called doctors of horror that perform these brutal acts of killing babies are even darker than the liberals that back them. In the case of Ulrich George Klopfer, it was discovered that he had jarred up 2,200 dead babies and kept them as trophies in his house. These little souls were the recipients of decades of mass murder at the hands of Klopfer.

The insane man also kept 165 baby parts in his car for some unknown reason. And yet, with all the baby parts stocked up around his home, the liberal media failed to report on the story. They hid it in their archive of liberal lies so the American people would be kept in the dark of how brutal abortion is.

And yet, when the American children are told that they are no better than animals, it stands to reason that they would not see jars of baby heads as an atrocity. To them, they are just a collection of unique animals caught and killed by the hunter.

Klopfer is just one of many liberal Democrats that have no problem killing children. But had those jars been full of adult bodies, there would have been a significant outcry of injustice. The lynching gang would have dug up the man’s body just to hand it on a tree to make a statement that murder is wrong as it relates to adults.

The Democrats want to continue to make the practice of murdering babies legal. They continue their march to make all forms acceptable. It is not enough for them to kill a baby at six weeks. They now want to kill children that are fully birthed and breathing on their own. Nothing stops them from making a move to even murdering people who are not self-aware, as some of the extremists in the movement think.

Klopfer’s collection is just one of many atrocities that he is guilty of. Later, he had his license to murder suspended for not following state law and safe medical procedures. To him, any person that came to him for an abortion was just another specimen willing to add to his collection. At one point, the man was operating three different sites where abortions were taking place.

The liberal supported Klopfer also failed to turn in abortion reports to the health department and to the Department of Child Services. These reports should have been turned in when he took two 13-year-old girls and killed their babies. These two girls had been raped by their uncle, and Klopfer never reported the rape to the state.

The man had his own supply of baby parts. He also failed many times to provide for the mother and failed to counsel patients 18 hours before the murder was to occur. All of his actions were ignored by the media, which now mirrors the media of China. There the media ignores the murders of private citizens and the human rights violations against entire people groups.

The liberals cannot tell the truth about abortion and the reality of the horrors that come with it. These doctors are engaging in sick practices that are unsafe no matter how abortion is viewed. And each one of them is fully funded by Democrats that actively remove laws and boundaries that were put in place to protect the mother’s health.

There is nothing moral or sanitary about the murder of a baby. No matter what the Democrats call the act of abortion, it is still something that is not as widely accepted as they may think. But the constant brainwashing of the younger generation only adds to the confusion of what abortion is and why so many Republicans want to stop it.