Michigan Governor Apologizes but Residents Only Shrug

Apologies are meaningless when you know the person isn’t sincere.

For the bulk of the pandemic, Michigan’s governor kept everyone locked up with ridiculous COVID restrictions. Then, Gretchen Whitmer herself decides that she wants to ignore her own restrictions.

She flew to Florida when she told everyone else not to fly out of state.

And, she told everyone not to eat indoors – and went out for a bite to eat herself.

Doesn’t she realize that people are watching? This isn’t Kindergarten. The whole “Do as I say, not as I do” isn’t going to work.

People are fed up with Whitmer. They want to resume their lives and go maskless – just as people from other states are already doing.

The Democratic governor did apologize. She commented that she went with friends to a restaurant. As more arrived, tables were pushed together.

Oh, but they were all vaccinated. She said, “In retrospect, I should have thought about it. I am human. I made a mistake, and I apologize.”

That’s her apology? That sounds like a long list of excuses as to why she did it.

Would she be as forgiving to others who were caught violating COVID restrictions? Of course not. No one would be able to stand up in court and simply say “I am human” and get out of trouble.

Yet, residents of Michigan don’t even care anymore. They know that they’re dealing with a selfish governor who only cares about what’s good for her.

Whitmer is operating the entire state on fear instead of on science. She’s not allowing people to go maskless, even though the CDC has released recommendations to allow those vaccinated to do so. And, there are still plenty of businesses that are still unable to open at full capacity.

When the photos emerged of Whitmer sitting at The Landshark Bar & Grill with at least a dozen other people, no one was surprised. Still, there was outrage. Why can she do it while others cannot?

Realistically, she should have fined the restaurant for allowing her and her group to push the tables together. After all, the May 15 order in Michigan states that there can be no more than six people seated at the same table.

If Whitmer really wanted to apologize, she would realize that she can lift all of the COVID restrictions. Why? People should be able to make decisions for themselves.

It’s been clear from the beginning that Whitmer is making decisions for herself. She sets restrictions for everyone and, then, determines if she herself wants to follow them.

When she went for a weekend trip (on a private jet) to Florida, she violated her COVID restrictions. She made excuses to say that it wasn’t a vacation – she traveled there to care for her sick father.

It doesn’t matter why she traveled. When she set the restrictions for everyone else, there was no asterisk. No one was given the option to travel if they had a sick relative. She made sure that others couldn’t have the same freedoms that she has given herself.

Whitmer might be one of the most clueless of the Democratic Party. She doesn’t even realize that she’s breaking her own rules.

Set the people of Michigan free.

If Whitmer would just release all of the regulations, she wouldn’t have to worry about the double standard.

Yet, the governor, who also came under fire when she attended Biden’s inauguration with about 2,000 other people said “I have been following the same directives I’ve asked everyone else to. I can’t stand those people that have one rule for others and a different one for themselves.”

That’s not true, especially when Michigan residents were told during that time period to limit gatherings to 25 people or fewer.

Apparently, the rules are just different when you’re a Democrat and you’re in a position of power.