Migrants are Attracted to the Freebies Liberals Keep Handing Out

It should be easy for the Democrats to figure out how to control the problem at the border. The migrants are attracted to the freebies – free healthcare, free education, free money. That’s quite the draw that the liberals have created.

Rather than allow the Democrats to play ignorant, Jodey Arrington has decided to provide a playbook. The Republican representative from Texas has shown that the easiest way to curb illegal immigration is to cut off the “magnet.”

Arrington explains, “As long as we’re providing taxpayer social services, as long as we’re providing health care education and other social services and jobs to people who come across the border, people are going to come.”

In the America Rescue Plan that Biden recently signed where $1.9 trillion is being used to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, illegal aliens are able to receive stimulus payments. This means that everyone given a Social Security number for a temporary visa, including those that are now here on expired visas, are given stimulus payments.

As for those who are entering the country through the southern border every day, they’ll be given jobs and welfare benefits.

There’s a significant draw for the less fortunate to enter the United States using any means possible. And the Democratic Party has created this problem entirely on its own. Their liberal agendas are the biggest magnets of them all.

Although Republicans have tried to amend many of the latest laws, Democrats have pushed to offer a significant amount of assistance to illegal immigrants.

Now, as the border crisis spirals out of control, the Democrats want to pretend as though they have no idea why things have gotten as bad as they have.

It’s all their doing. They’ve made it too easy for people to enter the country. And, they’ve made it too comfortable for illegal immigrants once they’re here.

No other country in the world will roll out the welcome mat quite like how Democrats do for those who enter illegally. Not only are they being allowed to enter illegally, they’re given jobs, Welfare, and countless other services – all for doing nothing but breaking immigration laws.

It’s not surprising that there are so many people at the southern border. Why would they stay in their home countries when there’s such an impressive welcome mat being rolled out for them? They’d be insane to stay where they are.

Since they’re not being turned away, they continue to come in droves.

And, the border patrol community is being overwhelmed. They don’t have the means to process everyone. Those entering the country aren’t being tested for COVID. They’re not being given court appearance dates. They’re simply being released into the U.S.

As Arrington has noted, many in the border patrol community feel as though the Biden administration has abandoned them. They’re not able to do their jobs anymore. Instead of providing a barrier for those who enter the country illegally, they’re simply being allowed to enter.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is supposed to be getting the situation under control. Instead, she’s the biggest advocate of open borders that there is. If it were entirely up to her, she’d decriminalize the border crossing. Once that happens, there’s no stopping the flow of migrants into the U.S.

Until the Democrats yank away the magnet, the draw will be there.

Instead of dealing with the problem, they’re simply making the magnet stronger. Free healthcare. Free education. Free Welfare. And, for good measure, the Democrats will even throw in a pathway to citizenship.

They might as well start advertising to the Central American countries that people can enter in any way possible. The term “illegal immigration” doesn’t even carry any weight anymore. Democrats seem to have forgotten that entering the country illegally is a crime.

Arrington and other members of the GOP are getting louder, but it’s not enough. The only way to stop the migrant rush at the southern border is to stop making the idea of entering so darn attractive.