Mike Huckabee Calls Out Biden for His ‘Shut Up and Obey’ Strategy

By Christopher Halloran shutterstock.com

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had some harsh words for President Donald Trump in an opinion piece recently published by The Western Journal. According to Huckabee the president’s plan to push the American people into submission with his “shut up and obey” strategy of ruling.

Huckabee, an outspoken Christian began by quoting the Bible in the book of Luke which says that things that are concealed will become evident and everything hidden will come to light.

“Or as Shakespeare put it in The Merchant of Venice, ‘Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may, but at the length, truth will out. (By the way, “a man’s son” was not a reference to Hunter Biden and his laptops.)’

What Huckabee seems to be eluding to in his own charming way is that there is nothing that the Biden family can do that history won’t dissect and easily place blame for. Sure, today those who are caught up in the magic of the idea of Socialism, or the allure of not escaping the stress over COVID-19, but our children and grandchildren will look back on our actions and wonder how we could have been taken in so easily.

Huckabee went on to discuss how both the media and social media are looking to trick the American people, but that it will only hold for so long, before the talking happening under the radar, finally grows to a groundswell even the mainstream media propaganda machine can’t drown out.

“We’re seeing that happening all around us these days, with the erupting backlash against attempts to censor everything from discussion of vaccine side effects to the origins of COVID-19 to the efficacy of natural immunity to questions about the 2020 election,” the former governor said. He highlighted the influential people who have been shut down for dissenting views, naming Eric Clapton, Nikki Minaj, or French tennis pro-Jeremy Chardy, all of whom have offered genuinely personal opinions that didn’t fall in lockstep with the national narrative.

Huckabee was quick to point out that he’s not discouraging vaccination. It is meant, however, to point out that asking people to take medical treatment for something they don’t have with even the slightest chance of serious side effects, saying they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t, and with it their ability to survive in the world, stripping them of their inalienable rights, is both wrong, and the approach the Biden administration has taken.

“Right now, Americans are scared enough of COVID to go along with that, but ‘shut up and obey’ is not a strategy that will work long-term in this country,” Huckabee said, going on to liken the experience to “being silenced and shamed for months into not questioning any aspects of the 2020 election, the indictment of a top Democratic lawyer on charges related to lying to the FBI to frame Trump and his people for Russian collusion has many people finally speaking up.”

Huckabee’s compelling restatement of what has happened in the United States in recent months is a chilling reminder of how much the world has changed since January of 2020. Most people went into the year making jokes about Barbara Walters, 2020 vision, and complaining about how terrible 2019 was (as if that wasn’t the real joke).

Most of us remember what it was like when we could freely hug, shake hands or talk about our opinions on medical treatments without fear of the actual federal government getting involved. But not anymore. There are children who don’t remember a world before COVID. And they will likely never remember a time when the government wasn’t involved in part of a conversation about health. They won’t recall when decisions were made strictly over what you felt would make you the most healthy, rather than whether you could receive medical treatment if you did or didn’t do something, whether you’d still be able to work if you didn’t follow the government’s mandated health policies.

Fellow Americans, whether you believe in any particular treatment or not, surely you can see that now is the time to use our outside voices and speak up for a world where the federal government keeps its hands, and its money interests, out of what gets injected into our bodies. It’s now or never.