Misogyny and Capitalism are the Roots of All Evil…Supposedly

Ezume Images / shutterstock.com
Ezume Images / shutterstock.com

One of the reasons why Black Lives Matter has grown in popularity is because they point the blame elsewhere. It’s never their fault as to why they don’t have a job or why they aren’t taking luxury vacations. Rather than work hard, save money, and plan for the future, they’d rather blame everyone else around them.

Activists have decided to claim that misogyny and capitalism are the roots of all evil. How is a person ever supposed to get ahead in life when these things exist?

Well, while misogyny and capitalism exist, they are not completely evil. Misogyny exists, but it is something that can easily be overcome. As for capitalism, it is what helps to drive our economy and ensure that we are constantly achieving greatness. Without capitalism, innovation would cease to exist.

A video obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation found that BLM activists were telling students that they live in a society where women are told to stay at home to cook and clean and that black women are overlooked “a lot.” Why? Because we live in a “misogynistic, masculine society” according to these activists.

Considering the number of women in today’s workforce and even the number of successful black women who are business owners, CEOs, politicians, and more, it’s really hard to believe anything that these activists have to say.

According to a video of the lecture conducted by four female activists who are a part of Indy10 Black Lives Matter, “black people often don’t have the same opportunities as their white counterparts.”

Interesting. Some would argue that they have more opportunities, especially when you consider all of the scholarships that are aimed at people of color. It sounds like these activists are just looking for someone to blame since they really don’t want to actually work to get anywhere in life.

One of the activists, Leah Derray, explained that she enjoys engaging people about “the history of revolution and activism in the country…as it relates to black people.” She and her fellow activists look to defund the police so that no one else gets hurt. Oh, right…because the police are the bad people and criminals are just understood.

The lecture took place at K-8 Butler University Laboratory School 60. It was part of a “Racial Justice Speaker Series,” so we know that Indianapolis is all about encouraging this kind of behavior. They see nothing wrong with introducing students as young as kindergarten about racial justice and how the white man is to blame for everything that is wrong in their world.

Another of the activists, Michelle Anastasia, explained to students that through activism, she was taught about the ways in which people are raised – and how she had to “combat” the way in which she was taught to think a certain way. She cries that she was raised to be a capitalist. She makes it seem like a bad thing that “I was raised to want as much money as possible, as many things as possible. It’s really, really, challenged some of those ideals that were handed to me and assigned to me … I learn every day more about how those things affected me … and how to try to take them out of my learning now as an adult.”

Everyone should be looking for ways to want money and to focus on ways to achieve those goals. It’s what keeps the economy moving in the right direction and ensures that there’s not too much dependency on the government.

Perhaps if the BLM activists would stop blaming everyone for their own laziness, they could move on and stop being so angry.

But the reality is, you can’t fix stupid. To end this, we’ll leave you with this nugget from Derray: “Crime is made up. People created these rules and people break them. It’s just that if you are black, brown, or poor, you are more likely to be jailed for these things, to be enslaved, imprisoned, for these things that a lot of people do.” Wow.