MJ Users Face Gun Restrictions

MJ Users Face Gun Restrictions
MJ Users Face Gun Restrictions

We are living in a time where choosing to improve your health can mean losing your right to protect yourself. Yes, the 2nd amendment states we have the right to bear arms, but the legalization of marijuana may be the back door into eliminating or at least circumventing that right. This controversy has been growing and gathering attention as more states legalize marijuana (MJ).

Hot Points

Some states are only prohibiting recreational marijuana use and allowing for medical necessities, while others are legalizing MJ in general. But Federal law takes precedence over the state laws in accordance with the Constitution. The Federal law states that if a person uses a federally restricted substance such as marijuana, then they cannot own a firearm.
As you can imagine, this has raised huge concerns for gun owners. People who have owned guns during their lifetime are now being told it is illegal to be in possession of those firearms if they use MJ. Some feel this is a backdoor to taking away firearms and 2nd amendment rights in general.
These separate issues have now intertwined themselves with each other, putting gun owners in a state of desperation. Do they choose to keep their guns for protection and recreation or give them up to alleviate pain from an illness?
Simply put: No one can be expected to choose one over the other.
The NRA does not make their position on the topic of marijuana and guns known, but the former head of the NRA, David Keene, states that he is against the law preventing gun owners from being MJ users. He says, “trading a constitutional right for pain relief is a choice no one should have to make”. The irony of this Federal law is that there are no laws in place for the use of alcohol and guns or the use of opiates and guns.
Many of the states that have legalized medical marijuana programs also have a large gun ownership population. These gun owners voted for MJ to be legal, not realizing their right to own a gun would be in jeopardy.
While we wait for the Federal law to change, many gun owners are declining MJ to treat their medical conditions in order to keep their guns. They are choosing pain killers and other medications which can lead to issues such as an overdose or addiction. This issue needs clarity by the Federal government, to see how it is affecting gun owners and their health.
Would you give up your guns if it meant feeling physically better? Should Americans even have to make this choice?