More Crime Shows Up in Liberal Seattle

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Seattle, Washington has been dealing with a lot thanks to its liberal brand of politics. During the summer of 2020, they faced a significant amount of crime and violence because of Black Lives Matter protests. They even had part of the city shut down because of CHOP, where protesters occupied several blocks of downtown.

Now, most cities would have learned their lesson. They would have immediately begun prescribing to a more conservative approach. At the very least, they would have drifted from progressive to moderate.

Ahh, but not Seattle. They’ve got more crime than ever – and it seems that they are clueless as to how to deal with it.

This past Sunday, there was a huge shootout in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, one of the most liberal of all of Seattle’s neighborhoods. The Seattle Police showed up at the scene at 2:30 am due to calls about people being involved in a gunfight and over 40 gunshots fired.

No individuals were injured, at least not this time around.

Now, the event on Sunday happened two days after the city’s mayor, Bruce Harrell, pledged to deal with the violent crime problem in Seattle. Apparently, the people in Capitol Hill didn’t get the memo.

Harrell admitted that they’ve seen an increase in violent crime. He also went as far as saying, “When I see what I continue to see out here, I can’t sleep at night.”

Now, in all fairness, Harrell is (sort of) new to the job. He took over after Jenny Durkan ran things into the ground between 2017 and 2022. She was the one that allowed CHOP to set up shop. She was also the one who decided that it was easier to give the city over to the protesters than to actually let Seattle PD do their job.

There’s a reason why violent crime is up. The criminals believe that they can get away with anything they want. After all, Durkan wasn’t about to do anything to stop them. Even when the criminals were arrested, a liberal district attorney would let them off the hook.

Harrell knows that things need to change. He sat in the mayor seat temporarily for a month in 2017. He’s also been serving as a member of the Seattle City Council from 2016 to 2020. He is an attorney by trade, so hopefully, he plans on using the law to actually help clean things up.

There’s one strike against Harrell – he’s a Democrat. Hopefully, though, he subscribes more to the moderate side of the line so that he can realize that Durkan’s progressive agendas were damaging the city.

At least Harrell seems committed to working closely with Seattle PD instead of trying to strip them of their ability to do their job. Detectives are already working with some of the local businesses to see if surveillance video can identify who was responsible for firing guns.

Meanwhile, at least some of the local restaurant owners are wondering if they want to keep operating in the Capitol Hill area. After all, crime has only gone up – and that has to be hell on their insurance premiums, too.

In 2020, Seattle shootings rose by 46%. Seattle PD has since created a Gun Violence Reduction Unit.

Seattle has a “catch and release” system, which means that many criminals get released on personal recognizance. It means that they’re often right back on the street so that they can commit more crimes. Perhaps getting rid of that system should be at the top of Harrell’s list of things to do.