Murderers and Supremacists Can Tweet, But the Press Cannot

Anyone who is still depending on Twitter as a reliable source of news needs to reexamine what’s going on. Twitter has become a socialist social media platform where they’ll allow murderers and black supremacists to tweet away any garbage that they want. Meanwhile, a newspaper with over a century of reporting integrity is still being locked out.

Last Wednesday, the New York Post sunk their teeth into an amazing story. It was backed up by plenty of credible sources. The story, however, painted Joe Biden in a bad light. It proved that he lied about not having anything to do with Hunter Biden’s shady Ukrainian business deals.

Well, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have been leaning so far to the left lately that it’s a wonder how they’re still standing upright. They can’t possibly allow a story that will make Biden look bad. Even if it’s the truth. Even if Americans deserve to know what a presidential candidate may be doing in his spare time.

They’ll delete what they want when they want – and they’ll use whatever quasi-excuse that they can. Is it right? Absolutely not. And there are plenty of GOP senators who want to call Twitter executives to the Senate floor to demand answers.

Meanwhile, the New York Post is still locked out of their account. It’s been going on a week and Twitter still hasn’t allowed the newspaper privileges to post onto the platform again. The only way Twitter will allow them to post again is if they delete tweets about Hunter Biden.

So much for the freedom of the press. Twitter is perfectly fine with taking censorship to the most epic proportions.

The biggest problem is the moral compass that Twitter is using to determine who can and cannot tweet.

The New York Post has been around in one form or another since 1801 and was founded by one of our forefathers, Alexander Hamilton. Surely, there has to be some kind of rule that whatever is published by this newspaper is something that can be shared with every American. It’s not like they’re one of the tabloids printing garbage just to gain viewers. Their reporters have integrity.

Twitter doesn’t see it that way. They’ve taken it upon themselves to shield America from anything that isn’t complete liberal trash.

They’ll allow OJ Simpson to tweet and he’s a convicted murderer.

They’ll allow Louis Farrakhan to tweet and he’s a militant black supremacist from the Nation of Islam.

They’ll even allow Richard Spencer to tweet and he’s a white nationalist who has publicly called for Jews, Hispanics, and African Americans to be removed from the United States.

There’s a difference, though. These people aren’t talking negatively about Hunter Biden or presidential nominee Joe Biden. They’re not sharing factual information that could hurt Biden’s ability to get voted in as president on November 3.

The liberals are terrified that Donald Trump may actually win another four-year term. They’re terrified that they’ll have to deal with four years of a great economy and police departments that won’t be defunded. They’ll have to clean up their streets – and they’ll have to wait at least four more years to push their socialist agenda on everyone.

And since they’re terrified, they’ll tilt the scales in their favor. They’ll allow Twitter and Facebook to do their dirty work by deleting anything that shows Biden or anyone from the Democratic Party in a negative light.

Everyone’s taking notice, too. As a political satirist, Tim Young told Fox News, “It’s reprehensive that the New York Post is still locked out” all because they are reporting the news – and meanwhile there are murderers, racists, and dictators that are still active. He goes on to say that “if you’re going to be a known terrible person on Twitter, you’ll be fine if you hate Trump.”

They’ll be fine with your tweets as long as you’re hating on Trump while you do it. It’s the truth because no one is buying their cop-out of their “Hacked Media Policy.”