Must See! Rep. Dan Crenshaw Speaks out Over Pelosi’s Refusal to Help Americans

While many Congressional proceedings are not worth any time or energy, there are certain speeches that need to be shared. Every so often, someone decides to speak with a bit of common sense. These speeches tend to travel farther than the usual nonsense that is spewed in those chambers. Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas gave a powerful address that many Americans need to listen to.

Nancy Pelosi has been playing political reindeer games with everyone’s COVID-19 relief package. Americans have been waiting to find out more since July. Crenshaw also took direct aim at the Democrats who have been allowing small businesses to close their doors over rules that they are not even willing to follow themselves.

“She said the quiet part out loud,” Crenshaw said. “This was never about what was best for the American people, never about honest policy disagreement, it was about preventing President Trump from getting any credit. It’s about politics,” he said. Finally, someone in power says what we have been thinking for months now.

“Nancy Pelosi and the Dems deserve every bit of this. Dan Crenshaw is 100% right, not half right or mostly right, he’s 100% right about everything he says here,” said John_Faker. We could not agree more. Pelosi and her cronies have been acting as if COVID-19 relief is a big game to them. They are gambling with millions of lives and hundreds of thousands have already been killed as a result.

The United States death toll is going to crack 300,000 any day now and Pelosi continues to toy with our livelihoods. A sizable number of Americans are wondering if they can even enjoy Christmas at home because so many have lost their jobs. We wish that we could share the 4:33 speech in its entirety but trust us, it is well worth your time.

The Democrats are the ones who accuse others of using the pandemic for political gain but Nancy Pelosi is admitting to this behavior in plain English. All of the ambiguity has been removed from the equation entirely. There is not one word of the speech that we disagree with and we hope that the Democrats take this as a much-needed wake-up call.

Pelosi has been famously tone-deaf throughout the duration of the pandemic. The same woman who wanted us to marvel at her collection of $13 ice creams that rest in her megabucks fridge is now playing a deadly game of chicken with the Republicans. Even as millions of Americans are desperate for some form of assistance, she continues to play the days away.

The Trump administration is also trying its best to get a deal pushed through but to no avail. The current president has put aside his hard feelings about election theft and is working to help the American people. At this stage of the presidency, no one on either side would probably blame him if he checked out completely. Instead, he is still fighting the good fight on our behalf.

Nancy Pelosi and company are only making things more difficult. If it were left up to them, they would wait until Joe Biden is in the White House and they have been able to swipe the Senate. From there, they can pass any package that they want and no one will be able to put up a fight. That’s why Mitch McConnell is so wary of giving in to Pelosi’s insane demands now. He knows good and well he’s going to be back at the negotiation table with Biden soon enough.

At the moment, lots and lots of Americans are anxious about what comes next. You would think that the party of empathy would be willing to acknowledge that, by coming to the table with a real agreement in mind. We won’t be stunned when Nancy Pelosi decides to continue playing this perverse game with the Republicans well into the upcoming year. Human suffering means nothing to her, as long as she can “win”.