National Guard Steps in to Deter Illegal Immigration Since Biden Won’t

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One of the first things that Biden attempted to do at the beginning of his presidency was make it so that illegal immigrants could enter the country. He actually invited them and promised them citizenship. Then, when the border was practically bursting at the brim with illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America, he quickly tasked Kamala Harris with addressing the border issue.

It was just an “issue” as far as the Biden administration was concerned. However, anyone who has seen the border firsthand will call it a crisis.

We already know how well Harris has handled the crisis. She’s still in her office trying to find the root cause.

The situation has only gotten worse. Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico have felt the brunt of it, though other states have experienced some of it as well because Biden has authorized flights to bring the illegal immigrants to other parts of the country.

Illegal immigration will continue to be a problem so long as Biden and the rest of his liberal friends are willing to roll out the red carpet. All a migrant has to do is figure out how to enter the country illegally. From there, they can get a bus ride or flight to anywhere in the U.S., a check to help them settle financially, and an ID. We’re doing more for those breaking immigration laws than we are for actual American citizens at this point.

So, since it’s obvious that we can’t count on Biden to do anything, the National Guard has decided to step up.

The National Guard has been in place for a while. They’re doing everything they can to get the situation under control. Yet, it certainly doesn’t help when conservatives like Texas Governor Greg Abbott have listed the crisis as a state emergency to receive national funding…only to be sued by the Biden administration.

In a recent event, we can see how some advanced technology is helping efforts.

Night-vision surveillance cameras were being used by National Guardsmen who were assisting El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents. They were trying to prevent migrants from entering into New Mexico illegally.

Gloria Chavez, an El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent, shared a surveillance video where multiple migrants were trying to enter near Santa Teresa.

Border Patrol agents showed up in vehicles, making it impossible for the migrants to enter the U.S. illegally.

Chavez commented with the video “NIGHTTIME OPS! Incredible work by #SantaTeresa #USBP Agents working in darkness deterring people from entering…”

Chavez is quick to comment when the agents are hard at work. She also shared some photos where the agents were able to put a stop to a smuggling scheme where 19 people were trying to get smuggled into the U.S.

As much as the Biden administration tries to deny that there’s nothing that they can do and that the situation isn’t that bad, Chavez and the rest of the Border Patrol agents know the truth.

One human smuggling incident even involved needing to call an air ambulance helicopter into the scene because a migrant was found unresponsive in the freezing cold.

The Biden administration wants to encourage illegal immigration. That’s been clear since the first executive orders signed by Biden…along with Harris’s lack of enthusiasm over being given the task of addressing the border crisis.

Luckily, we still have plenty who are committed to keeping the U.S. safe. It’s just a shame none of them are within the Biden administration.