New Biden Press Secretary Hits the Minority Trifecta and Is in Bed With a CNN Anchor


Trifectas are everywhere in life. A BLT…beer, chicken wings, and celery…steak, potatoes, and butter. President Biden found a way to hit a brand-new kind of trifecta, and nobody thought it was possible to find this in politics – the minority trifecta. This mix is something that makes it nearly impossible for the liberal mainstream media to dislike or even question anything she says.

This person is a woman named Karine Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre is also a Haitian-American, and she has been married to CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux for some time now. While the duo is rather tight-lipped on the details of their relationship, they have been together long enough to adopt a daughter together. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the minority trifecta. Jean-Pierre is homosexual, a person of color, and a woman. Quite literally a liberal’s wet dream, and as the first one to ever serve the White House, Jean-Pierre will now be considered a trailblazer.

Never mind the fact that this is nothing more than a further illustration of how deep into bed the leftists will get to achieve more reach and a stronger signal behind their message. This kind of activity is something the American people didn’t quite expect, but many people thought was possible with Biden as the President. Granted, Jean-Pierre isn’t a stranger to the Biden administration.

During the Obama years, Jean-Pierre worked in the Office of Political Affairs while Malveaux was assigned to cover the White House. The love story between these two sounds like something from The West Wing or Designated Survivor. Now that Jean-Pierre is there, the question is how good will she be? With a BS from the NY Institute of Technology and an MPA from Columbia University’s School of International Public Affairs, she certainly is well educated.

One hopes that with this kind of education, she learned to do something leftists continuously forget; how to separate work and home life. With her literal in bed status with a major news organization like CNN, many wonder if she will give other networks a fair shake when it comes time for press briefings, or will she blow them over. Then there is always the question of tact when it comes to dealing with reporters from the other end of your political spectrum.

Jean-Pierre’s predecessor Jen Psaki has been notorious for going back and forth with the people from Fox News. Psaki has made her disdain for the network, its reporters, and anyone associated with them very well known. Her bias in how she talks to their representatives and her horrific job of deflecting the question, so it becomes something else has become legendary. Many expect that Jean-Pierre will continue this legacy and build on it. She has already shown moments of contempt for anyone who isn’t a leftist, and it seems like she won’t do much but try to push their agenda at every turn.

Gone are the days of reporters and press secretaries/publicists being middle of the road, or just trying to put forth the best face for their people. Now everything needs to be about the political twist and making their personal agendas the focus of everything. As much as conservatives around the globe hope and pray for better members of the press, we are smart enough to realize that getting them is not very likely. People like Psaki and Jean-Pierre are handed their positions on a silver platter because of the people they are connected to or their positions with other organizations. In turn, they use the platform as they see fit. It skews the press corps away from covering the real issues, gives the world a very biased view of America and makes the country look much worse than it is. So, welcome to leftist-palooza 2022.