New Virus Has Liberals in Total Panic as They Fear New Strain

Communist China is guilty of killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. When their virus was unleashed on the world, they deliberately covered it and up and killed anyone that tried to leak the information to the public. And now that the virus is a permanent plague on humanity, the liberals are using it to control just about everything they can.

But the one virus was not enough. Now that it has swept through the earth, there is a new strain of the China virus making its round. This new virus has first appeared in Great Britain and is slowly moving around the world. The liberals want to push this new strain as a new pandemic, but the truth is that it is just another version of the cold virus that shows up every winter.

Common sense tells the world that viruses mutate. They change from year to year and make people sick. The mutation is the reason why there can be no reliable vaccine for a virus. It changes from year to year. The flu vaccine is remade each year because the flu virus changes. And even then, the vaccine is not guaranteed to work right.

As a virus mutates, the effects of it get weaker. This means that the second and third generations of changes will not be as bad as the parent strain. The world has seen the worst of COVID-19. It can now be logged as a new version of the cold virus, and the pandemic can be put to rest.

It is not uncommon for a virus to show up and then disappear within a year or two. This truth alone should have already been enough reason for the country to reopen and let people get back to work. But the Democrats keep pushing the lie that the China virus is going to kill everyone.

People are sick and tired of the lies coming from the evil left. But they need a new strain to lie about so they can continue to disrupt lives and make people subservient to their pandemic wishes. Facts show that the liberals love the money they are getting from the lies about the pandemic, so they are content to keep right on pushing those lies.

As the new strain starts to show up in America, the foundation for a second pandemic is already being laid. The confused governor of Colorado has announced that the new strain has shown up in the state in a man that has not traveled outside of the country. This alone should be a big clue that there is no new pandemic sweeping the globe. It is another version of the cold virus.

But Colorado’s health officials are liberals that want to wreck people’s lives, so they need a new reason to continue the con on the American people. The new variant may be more transmissible, but the effects will be a lot less than the first strain.

Part of the con played on the American people is regarding a vaccine for a virus. They want people to believe that they must fight for the vaccine or risk dying in their sleep. They certainly do not want people to know that their bodies can fight the virus itself.

Dr. Davies from a medical school in Great Britain stated that “The preliminary findings are pretty convincing that more rapid vaccination is going to be a really important thing for any country that has to deal with this or similar variant.” This doctor should know that a vaccine cannot be used to deal with a virus long term. It is about the mighty dollar and how many vials of medicine they can sell to people.

What has not mentioned that the new strain is not any more deadly than other COVID strains. It may be more contagious, but every virus is contagious, and they all transmit the same way.

The coronavirus has been around for decades. The backside of Lysol bottles has stated that the spray kills the coronavirus for years. Somewhere someone took a variant of the virus and mutated it enough to pass it off as a new killer. The new variant is just another virus that causes the common cold. For liberals, it is another way to restrict freedom.