New York City School Kids Given Permission to Play Hooky to Protest

CNN reports that the New York City school system has permitted all 1.1 million students to skip school to attend the so-called “climate change school strike” being organized by the enablers of Greta Thunberg. Of course, they have to have their parents’ permission to do so. Younger students have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

New York’s absentee mayor and long-shot presidential candidate Bill de Blasio has given the decision his blessing on Twitter:

“We have ten years to save the planet.


“Today’s leaders are making decisions for our environment that our kids will have to live with.

“New York City stands with our young people. They’re our conscience. We support the 9/20 #ClimateStrike.”

Thunberg, for her part, demands that the rest of the world follow New York City’s lead:

“New York public schools gives permission for students to leave school to participate in the global climate strike on Sept 20.

“How will local governments and schools in the rest of the world respond? Time is running out.”

Climate change “school strikes” have already taken place in Europe thanks to the efforts of Greta Thunberg and her enablers. The idea is the spark a children’s crusade against climate change to shame the world’s governments to do something, usually involving something resembling the Green New Deal that would involve ending the fossil fuel industry by fiat.

While climate change hysteria has been around for at least the last couple of decades, Greta Thunberg is a new and bizarre outgrowth of the phenomenon. She is a 16-year-old girl from Sweden who has become the patron saint of climate change, as the American Enterprise Institute calls her, if not the goddess made manifest on Earth.

The AEI notes that Thunberg became terrified that the world is going to end from climate change when her school showed her and her classmates the infamous Al Gore film, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The film added to her boatload of mental health issues, including Asperger’s, autism, and OCD. She has reported that she can see carbon dioxide, a colorless gas, rising from smokestacks and landfills.

The AEI has an interesting take on Greta Thunberg’s children’s climate crusade.

“A religious person who says the world is coming to an end is a crank. A secular person who says the world is coming to an end is an eco-warrior. A religious organization that says the end times are nigh is an apocalyptic cult for suicidal weirdos like the Branch Davidians of Waco, Texas. A secular body counting down to the apocalypse is an environmental organization worthy of millions of dollars of government funding.”

End of the world cults usually burns themselves out when the world persists in not ending. Most scientists believe that human-emitted carbon dioxide is causing an effect on climate. Most, however, do not believe that the human race will go extinct unless we do something about it now.

Sensible solutions have been proposed, including nuclear power, carbon capture power plants, and planting trees. The politicians such as AOC and most of the Democrats running for president have eschewed these solutions in favor of the draconian Green New Deal.

In the meantime, the Washington Examiner notes that the Greta Thunberg phenomenon is an example of child abuse. The article accuses Greta’s parents, politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, and certain renewable energy business interests of exploiting a child with mental health issues for their gain.

Instead of getting her treatment, Greta’s enablers are exacerbating her issues by exposing her to the very things that trigger them, climate change hysteria in the middle of the public spotlight.

Greta has gotten the public spotlight in abundance. She came to America in a weeks-long voyage onboard a solar-powered sailing ship, to be greeted by adoring crowds. She has been given audiences with politicians and activists, including former President Barack Obama.

Greta has even been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. The school climate strike is the culmination of an orchestrated drama that some mental health professions suggest may drive the girl into incurable madness.

But the climate change community might reply, what is the life and sanity of an innocent little girl next to saving the planet. Or something like that.