New York Knife Attack Shows Disarming Citizens Isn’t a Good Idea

Another in a line of anti-Semitic attacks in and around the New York City area has devasted the small community of Monsey, New York. And while several similar incidents in the past weeks have been used to push even more gun control in a state with already minimal access, this one proves that taking firearms from law-abiding citizens might actually do more harm than good.

During a Hanukkah celebration in the home of a well-known and respected rabbi, a knife-wielding attacker broke into the house, stabbing five people. Two of those were critically wounded. And while the attacker’s motives are still unknown by authorities, both the time and place suggest that anti-Semitic beliefs are to blame.

The usually quiet neighborhood of Monsey is located in Rockland County, New York, which boasts the largest Jewish population per capita in the entire United States. The rabbi’s home is located right next door to his orthodox congregation’s place of worship and the attack took place during an event in which there could be multiple Jewish victims.

Naturally, both Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have condemned the attack. Cuomo called it an act of “domestic terrorism” and has promised to “strengthen” his state’s laws so that crimes such as this will be fully prosecuted.

However, what both fail to mention is that New York already has some of the most vigorous laws in the country, which make it nearly impossible for citizens to defend their own homes in the case of such an attack.

In 2010, the US Supreme Court made it illegal for any state to deny its citizens the right to possess a firearm in their own home. However, over the years, states like New York and individual counties, such as Rockland, have decided to enforce several mandates that make this right extremely difficult for anyone to actually use.

As with most counties and states, Rockland requires that citizens apply for a permit or license to obtain a firearm. However, the process is much more demanding than merely turning a piece of paper and having a background check for Rockland residents.

An individual wishing to obtain a simple pistol permit for home defense must first pay a $150 initial fee. then they must submit an application that isn’t “folded” or “soiled.” The application is rather lengthy and has a number of other requirements, such as character references from other county residents who are not related by marriage or blood, notarized forms from any other household members stating that they don’t object to the individual owning a pistol, a full mental, legal, and medical suitability assessment, and County administered certification proving a firearm safety course has been taken and passed. Other fees and information release forms are needed as well.

To say there is a lot of red tape and hoops to jump through is a complete understatement. Therefore, it would be understandable that many New York residents would simply choose not to defend their homes or their lives at all.

I can’t help but think this is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned for the American people when they wrote the Bill of Rights. They dreamed of a people free to defend themselves against those who would seek to cause them harm and also from a government that would oppress them.

And yet here in the 21st century, that dream seems to have died with the rise of the socialist left, at least in places like New York. Power and money seem to be the only things that matter, not honesty, not the truth, and certainly not the lives of the people that built this nation.

Instead of blaming the real enemy, politicians point fingers at anything possible. According to de Blasio, this incident is President Trump’s fault for allowing homelessness to continue and for fueling racial hatred in the nation.

All it takes is one look at recent comments and actions by congressional members like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and even presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to know that anti-Semitism is not coming from the presidential administration.

Furthermore, taking these people’s right to self-defense is helping no one but the criminals wishing to carry out such acts. Residents who can’t defend themselves are sitting ducks, waiting to be ambushed, and with no hope of being saved. Lord knows those taking their God-given rights, won’t do anything about it.