Newsom Extends COVID Lockdowns and Then Heads to Mexico for Vacation

By Jana Asenbrennerova/
By Jana Asenbrennerova/

It’s long been noted that California Governor Gavin Newsom is one of the most hypocritical in not only his party but the whole of America, particularly when it comes to COVID-19 and the lockdowns and mandates he has implemented with his ‘emergency’ powers.

I mean, who remembers when you decided to go maskless at not one but two dinner parties in a crowded Napa Valley restaurant? And who can forget that while he closed most California schools, his own dear children were provided in-person instruction?

His state got so sick of his mandates and unwillingness to follow his own rules that they nearly kicked him out of office, demanding a recall election for his seat, which he narrowly won. You’d have thought this would have taught to maybe scale back a bit on the mandates, or at the very least, abide by them himself.

And yet, as Thanksgiving has now come and gone, it’s apparent that he’s learned absolutely nothing.

Not only have his mandates been extended once more, but he’s defiantly proved he thinks they don’t apply to him.

As you may know, Newsom has extended the emergency powers that keep him king of his domain yet again until March 31. According to his office, the state is no longer “recording week-over-week declines in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.” Instead, the records show more of a plateau or even a surge in cases across the state, which is similar to several other states, including liberally ran Colorado and Michigan.

And as such, this means that they must once again ramp up COVID prevention measures, or at the very least keep them in place.

And so, the lockdowns will continue. Children will be forced to not only mask up but be double jabbed to enter school facilities, and of course, people are being fired right and left for not submitting to the vaccine for work.

Meanwhile, just a week or so after this extension was announced, the Democratic leader’s office announced that Newsom had left the state.

Why? Well, for a family Thanksgiving vacation to Mexico, of course. According to the announcement, Newsom, second in command, would be handling things until the hypocrite could be bothered to return to the US on November 28.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the announcement came just hours after he gave a presser warning about the potential surge in cases, according to the Associated Press.

In the news conference announcing the extension of his powers, Newsom said that “States are struggling because people are taking down their guard or claiming ‘mission accomplished.’ … I don’t want to see that happen here in California.”

I mean, could you imagine something more hypocritical?

All of this means one of two things. First, either he just doesn’t care about his family possibly being exposed to COVID while traveling below the border, perhaps believing their vaccines have made them impervious to it.

Or, this isn’t really about COVID at all. Instead, it’s just the most logical, albeit not ethical, way for him to stay large and in charge.

I’m betting it’s a mixture of both.

And I’m not alone in that thought. In fact, while some might not completely disagree with his mandates and regulations, their continuance and ever-tightening grip had led those like California-centric political website CalMatters to wonder what, if anything, will cause Newsom to ever relax the “emergency powers that have shaped Californians’ lives for nearly two years and affected more than 400 laws and regulations.”

Newsom’s office has said that as long as the “pandemic persists,” requiring the state to “respond quickly to evolving conditions,” the state of emergency will continue. But as we are all beginning to understand, this isn’t really a pandemic anymore.

Yes, the virus is still out there. But it’s not something that will just suddenly go away with a shot or two or even a few booster shots.

In fact, many health professionals agree that this virus is much more like the ever-revolving flu than they were willing to admit before. As a result, Norway has even relegated the disease to nothing more than a similar flu-like virus that will come and go when the seasons change.

And yet, according to Newsom’s office, we still need mandates, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and above all, him calling all the shots.

Yeah, I’d say this is all about control.