Newsom Only Wishes His State Was as Red as Texas

Gavin Newsom is getting desperate. He wants to make sure that voters don’t let the state of California become the next Texas.

There’s a highly unlikely chance of that happening. After all, California is one of the bluest states in the country – and Texas is one of the reddest.

It seems that the governor up for recall has forgotten one tidbit as he looks to rally the voters. Many Californians leave the state every day in pursuit of bluer skies – and they move into Texas to get them.

Newsom wants to use Texas and all that it is doing as a scare tactic. Is it really a scare tactic, though, when so many Californians are moving into Texas? Perhaps Newsom needs to get a reality check. California needs to become a lot more like Texas if it is going to survive.

Oh, but Texas is scary. If California were to get a Republican governor, they may get laws that ban abortions and require people to show ID in order to vote in elections.

Election integrity is a big part of what makes Texas such a red state. After all, it makes it easier for people to cast their vote but it makes it harder to cheat the system.

With Newsom saying he doesn’t want the state to become the next Texas, he might as well say that he wants to have a loophole in elections that will allow people to cheat.

Newsom has been threatening voters with the possibility that GOP opponents will follow the lead of other red states – including rolling back mask and vaccine requirements. Gasp! You mean they would want to allow people the right to choose what is best for them?

The reality is that California isn’t doing a bang-up job fighting COVID right now – and they do have mask and vaccine requirements.

California is also failing because of crime, rolling blackouts, fires, and homeless encampments. It’s clear that Newsom isn’t getting the job done – yet he’s desperate to get the recall vote to come out in his favor. He’s so desperate that he’ll even lie to people to make them believe that California is a better state than Texas.

Well, Larry Elder, the leading GOP candidate in the recall election, has been urging voters to recall Newsom if they’re unhappy with the price of housing, failing schools, unbreathable air, and all of the other issues that have been caused because of Newsom’s liberal approach to leading the state.

Greg Abbott has decided to add fuel to the fire regarding the recall vote, too. As the governor of Texas, he is well aware that California is losing its population to other states – including his own.

If California doesn’t want to be like Texas, that means that they don’t want to be #1 in business relocations. They don’t want to have more people moving into the state than any other state.

Texas policies attract a lot of people. Perhaps Newsom needs to think about that for a moment before he claims that his state is so much better than Abbott’s. The statistics don’t lie. It seems that Newsom just wishes that he had a redder state so that it could be better in virtually every area.