NKs Kim Jo Jong Flexes What She Doesn’t Have as Her Notorious Brother Coughs and Hacks From His Bedside…

For a country roughly the size of Pennsylvania, North Korea receives way more attention than it deserves. Kim Jong Un, the hermit nation’s very own Asian “Pillsbury Dough-Boy,” was handed the bullwhip in 2011, succeeding his father, Kim Jong-il. It’s been a family thing since 1948 when North Korea broke free from its southernmost neighbor. It’s always been one Jong or another.

As of late, Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Jo Jong, has been flexing her muscles and speaking out more than her notorious brother who is rumored to not be well. She made it abundantly clear how she wants nothing to do with the U.S. and/or the Biden administration.

Kim Jo Jong said resuming diplomatic talks with the U.S. would only “plunge them into a greater disappointment” so don’t go looking for it to happen. With Biden running the show they’re keeping the red carpet rolled up.

This also means that any hopes of squelching North Korea’s nuclear program have been dissipated down the sewer. But considering how the countries bank account is singing the pandemic economic blues there’s no need to start popping Rolaids just yet. And, with Iran running around hogging all of the Uranium unless Kim Yo Jong starts offering “personal favors” as a form of exchange, wink-wink, they aren’t going to have much to work with anyway.

Kim Jong Un, from wherever he was speaking from, issued a statement saying how North Korea must not only be prepared for dialogue, but also for confrontation, with the latter being the priority. Jake Sullivan, U.S. National Security Adviser and a man of few words, said the statement sends an “interesting signal.”

It was Kim Jo Yong who stepped up to the plate in response to Sullivan. “It seems that the U.S. may interpret the situation in such a way as to seek a comfort for itself,” she said. “The expectation, which they chose to harbor the wrong way, would plunge them into a greater disappointment.”

For now, neither North Korea nor the U.S. is willing to budge on their stances. Shi Beomchul with the Korea Research Institute for National Strategy in Seoul said the signal is nothing new. North Korea has been saying for months that unless Biden is willing to make certain concessions in their favor there’s no reason to meet.

Shin explained how “Both parties are locked in a waiting game — North Korea wants the United States to make concessions first, and the United States has no intentions to match a level of action the North is demanding.”

The leading U.S. envoy on North Korea affairs, Sung Kim, told the North Koreans that Washington is willing to meet with them “anywhere, anytime without preconditions.” Name the place, day, and time. But he also made them aware of how they would continue to be pressured with ongoing sanctions unless they canned their nuclear program, so don’t expect too much.

North Korea will consider resuming diplomatic talks only if the U.S. will first lift its “hostile policies” against them. This includes lifting all economic sanctions and discontinuing joint military exercises with South Korea. The demands have caused a stalemate since Biden first wants to see proof that North Korea is at least trying to denuclearize.

It’s almost too evident how the chubby sick guy and his pee-wee sister are blowing foul-smelling smoke, and as odd as this may sound, it’s one of the very few positive outcomes of the pandemic. They’re broke. Trade has been dramatically reduced and since North Korea is not known for producing much of anything for themselves, they’re also hungry.

In addition to everything else plaguing the minuscule nation, severe storms last year destroyed what crops they did have. This, along with fiscal management and ongoing economic sanctions is leaving them with no other option than to eventually cave in and fold their hand. Patience is all that’s required.

Kim Jong Un can keep sending messages from his bedside, and his sister, also Kim, just like their father, can display her bulging biceps for the world to tremble in fear of, but placing their imaginative world power and importance in its true perspective, they’re ants at a picnic. Annoying yes. But a threat? Not today. Not ever.