North Korean Leader Plays Rocket Man Launching His Missile Collection

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The North Korean rocket man leader is enthralled to announce that he has fired a rocket at least five times in the past year. The tiny dictator thinks that his rockets are the best thing to ever happen to him. His regime has been trying to acquire nuclear weapons and a delivery system for years. And now that Joe Biden sits on the throne, North Korea has ramped up its efforts to get what it wants.

Biden thinks that the red country wants to talk. But every time his office reaches out, all he hears on the other end is static. Pyongyang wants its nuclear weapons, and they are testing their rockets for attention. They want people to know that they are still around and getting close.

Donald Trump was the only president to make headway with Kim Jong Un. The two had talks going on for a while until things fell apart in 2019. But North Korea was at least willing to talk with Trump. They will not even give Biden the time of day or acknowledge that he exists. Biden is a weak president, and no one wants to work with him.

The testing of the rockets by Kim Jong Un will, undoubtedly, bring more sanctions to the country. His relentless pursuit of rocket technology brings nothing but harm to his people. He wants to become a significant power so severely that he is willing to risk everything to see it through.

For the past year, Joe Biden has largely ignored the country. His weak stance on terror and failure to confront evil has led all of America’s enemies to rejuvenate and get back into pursuing their goals. They know that old man Biden will not interfere because he is too old to care.

Their goal is to call attention to themselves. China and Russia already want to remove a lot of the restrictions placed on them. They support the nasty dictator because he is a creation of their design. North Korea has long been a puppet state of mainland China. They get their support from them.

2017 was the last nuclear test that North Korea did. Donald Trump was able to get the crazy rocket man to listen for at least three different meetings. But now that Biden has ignored them for over a year, Kim is looking to restart up his efforts of nuclear weapons.

The new sanctions that were going to be placed on North Korea by the United Nations were blocked by Russia and China. The tiny country is under their protection, and since Biden refuses to intervene, they have all the time in the world to continue their nuclear exploits.

North Korea was hit hard by the COVID-19 virus. They imposed a blockade to try and keep the virus out. But along with the blockade came starvation and hurt for the country. But now they are back to trading with the friendly nations to the north. China loves having North Korea as an ally. It gives them the distraction they need to engage in other hostile actions elsewhere.

Lee Sang-min is a military expert at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses. He speculates that the rocket tests are designed to build tension. He also maintains that the rocket tests could be North Korea’s attempt to pull Joe Biden back to a negotiations table. Talks that would be on their terms and not Biden’s.

Lee stated,”‘Cruise missiles are slower than ballistic missiles and so are regarded as less of a threat, but they hit targets with high precision, something North Korea would continue to develop.”

Rocketman would love to talk, but he maintains that no talks will occur as long as sanctions are in place on his country. But no one has reason to believe that removing any sanctions would cause them to talk. Other countries have stated the exact words only to leave the talks after revealing that they are not willing to work with anyone.