NY: Instead of Charging Attacker with Attempted Murder, he Was Released with a Democratic Kiss on the Head

The cowardly man from the Bronx that decided it was time to attack three police officers and Terence Monahan, the New York Police Department Chief was released from jail without bail.

The Democratic-controlled city is a stew pot of crime and the criminals are being fully supported by the liberals to keep their violent rampage moving forward. Quran Campbell is the punk that attacked the police heroes. He set out to kill them and ended up injuring them and getting away with it.

Democratic leadership saw to it to get the man released from jail. He was arrested with a bunch of other people. he was the one that everyone thought would be charged with crimes, but he did not even get a slap on the wrist.

Their violent protests are already criminals in nature as they violate the constitution. He should already be put into federal prison for crimes against the government.

Campbell punched the chief of police in a riot attack on the officers. he used a cane like a weapon to hit them and attempted to kill them with it. Instead of being held for attempted murder, he was released with a Democratic kiss on the head.

He has been charged with assault charges but is out under supervised release. He should be bunked up with the other killers in jail awaiting trial. He will learn nothing if he does not go through the system to find out that crime does not pay or work out for the better in the end.

Another officer, Richard Mack, was also hit by Campbell so hard that several times that his orbital bones were broken. He was sent to the hospital and had to have 12 stitches put over the injury. He also received a lot of bruising and jammed fingers. Monahan is a trooper as he has bounced back and is looking to return to work soon.

These kinds of attacks on the police are liberal fueled. Democrats want their followers out in the street attacking people and beating on the police because it provides them with political ammunition.

The brawl started when the violent mob squad showed up to stop a peaceful rally that was done to show support for the police. This shows that the followers of the tyrant Democrats are the violent ones. They are responsible for the hatred and malice that is filling the streets of American cities.

Monahan is not staying silent about the group and their followers that attack him and the others. He stated that they are all an “anarchist group that has been infiltrating this Black Lives movement since the beginning. This is what we dealt with since the first protest after George Floyd. It is a legitimate movement, but it is being hijacked by these anarchists, and they are the ones that have been attacking our police officers [and] are out hiding behind the many, many peaceful protesters that are out there.”

Campbell and others are getting high-fives from the Democrats in secret. On the surface, they may seem to care but their actions tell another story. The push to defund the NYPD by de Blasio and other Democrats counteract the compassion that has come after the deed was done.

Monahan stated that de Blasio called him and was acting as he cared about how he was doing. If that compassion was genuine, then the police would have received more funding instead of losing it.

When the night was done there were 37 people put into jail. Campbell was one that should have been made to stay along with the man that had weapons and started the brawl. These actions by the liberals are pushing law-abiding citizens and police unions into the president’s circle of support.

The NAPO is just the latest major endorsement that President Trump has received because he supports the officers around the country. America is ready for more change, but it is not the vision of the Democrats.

They want President Trump for another four years with a House and Senate that fully supports him. They want four years where things are done without all the liberal lies and false accusations.