NYC Mayor de Blasio Bypasses Constitution by Mandating Vaccines for Private Sector Workers…and Their Customers

Fiora Watts /
Fiora Watts /

It was only a matter of time. State and federal government agencies have had the authority to require COVID-19 vaccinations of all of their employees. While the majority of government workers sucked it up and played by the rules, some took a strong enough stance to create a vacant position. They quit. Because cities haven’t been granted the same authority, until now, NYC government employees have had no vaccination mandate. Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio just changed all of that, but he didn’t stop there. He’s trying to strip away the rights of every resident in the city.

As long as he was on a roll, de Blasio took his new mandate a step further. Private sector businesses have also been included. This means pretty much everyone working in the city has two options. Get the jab or get fired. How do ya like them big apples? 

This is not to say that certain career fields have not already been mandated. Hospital and nursing home workers, cops, firefighters, and teachers in both public and private schools have already succumbed to having their constitutional rights violated. Now it’s time for the grease monkeys at Joe’s garage, the salespeople at Discount Furniture Warehouse, and the crew hawking wedding rings at a jewelry store in Queens, to roll up their sleeves or stay home.

Mayor de Blasio said, “We in New York City have decided to use a preemptive strike to really do something bold to stop the further growth of COVID and the dangers it’s causing to all of us. All private-sector employees in New York City will be covered by this vaccine mandate as of Dec. 27.”

Notice the use of the word “we” in reference to the mouse he must have had in his pocket. Federal courts have blocked Joe Biden’s attempt at mandating the jab for large national companies, but de Blasio said he’s not worried about legal challenges. He expects his mandate to survive all of them, and besides, as the mayor cleverly intended, the “get it done” by date doesn’t leave much time to prepare any type of a viable legal battle anyway, so… 

Under NYC’s current rules, employees of restaurants, bars, and gyms, must have had at least one dose of the vaccine but have had no further requirement, until now. The same rule has also applied to the diners, drinkers, and bicep buffers who frequent these establishments, once again, until now. He levied the same mandate on them. This is how de Blasio maneuvered his way around just private-sector employees. He went after their clients as well.

To work at or even enter into one of these highly frequented places that just about everyone in the city visits regularly, you’re going to need to have two holes punched in your vaccination card. This rule applies to anyone age 12 and older. Ages 5 through 11 can get by with only having had one dose. Dogs at pet-friendly bars and restaurants are still cool either way unless de Blasio happens to read this article. We can only apologize in advance if he does.

While the feds are still debating the God-given legitimacy of people to raise a stink over being forced to inject an unwanted substance into their bloodstream, Fuhrur de Blasio’s blazing his own trail. He’s the sheriff ‘round there and that’s that. 

But…and here it comes…it would be so simple to call de Blasio’s bluff. Passing a mandate is only as good as the people who choose to abide by it. Consider this. What about any of this will make the hundreds of thousands of NYC residents who have had every opportunity to get vaccinated but have chosen not to, run down to their neighborhood CVS and surrender their constitutional rights?

What’s more likely to happen among the city’s private sector workforce is that they’ll remain true to their objections and buck de Blasio’s direct order. This will, in turn, create a huge shortage of workers from those who won’t be allowed to report in for duty. Any shortage of workers in bustling NYC is horrible for business. 

Joe’s Garage will have to quit working on some unfortunate person’s car in the middle of having its engine torn apart. Restaurants will get bad reviews because their service sucks. You get the idea. De Blasio is a foolish, foolish man to think he can pull something like this over on the good people of the city he wrongfully thinks he dictates. He sorely underestimates the will of his native New Yorkers.

The not-so-good mayor’s liberal butt is about to get a big bite taken out of it once the economic impact of his imperialistic decision starts hitting home. As shops are forced to close and the flow of city tax revenue turns into a trickle of what it was and what it still needs to be, the white flag will be waving.

The workforce de Blasio will be forced to once again allow to return to their jobs will remain, unvaccinated. As will the aforementioned diners, drinkers, and muscle buffers. At the end of the day, de Blasio’s moronic lack of wisdom will have caused more harm than good. Stand strongly in your convictions, friends. You’re about to witness a case in point.