NYC Mayoral Nominee Wants to Target the Guns, Not the Criminals

Why is it that Democrats continue to focus on guns instead of the criminals holding the guns? It is flawed thinking that is infringing upon the Second Amendment rights of Americans.

A New York City shooting left 10 injured. Eric Adams, a mayoral nominee, quickly exclaimed that the city needs to “go after the guns.”

This past Saturday was a busy night for NYC. Eighteen people were shot in six different crimes. It’s clear that gun violence is a problem for the metropolitan area. However, this is also the same liberal-run city that wants to cut police funding.

Eric Adams thinks that he has a plan that will make a difference. He wants a joint guns and gangs task force that involves federal, state, and city coordination. This way, there is sufficient information sharing.

Adams is forgetting a few important things.

Information sharing is already present. However, NYC has a habit of not wanting federal help, especially when there is a Republican president in the White House.

There’s no real way to stop the guns on the street because there will always be criminals who find loopholes to obtain them. The city and state can crackdown on gun laws as much as they want – criminals don’t follow the laws.

Even if Adams could be the hero by taking guns off of the streets, there are always going to be other ways to harm people. Criminals want to cause pain. They live to create violence. As a result, if they cannot get their hands on guns, they’ll turn to another weapon – knives, Molotov cocktails, and even rocks. People are creative.

The only true way to handle the violence is by dealing with the ones creating it – the criminals. This means that the district attorneys are going to have to get serious – and press charges that will stick. Right now, most don’t want to do that. They want to give the criminals another chance and another chance after that. Then, they’re surprised when crime blossoms – and that’s because there’s no longer any kind of deterrent in place.

Adams is making a bold move by calling out the Democratic Party for having “misplaced” priorities when it comes to gun control. He believes that too many Dems focus on assault weapons instead of handguns.

The problem with handguns is that many people own them. They own them for purposes of self-defense. They own them for purposes of recreation. The moment that handguns are highly regulated, people will start screaming that their Second Amendment rights are being taken away.

Adams has been a heavy criticizer of Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying that it’s taken him too long to react to gun violence. He’s absolutely right – Cuomo watched as crime grew under NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s less-than-watchful eye.

Adams has already won the Democratic nomination for mayor, where the vote took place on July 6. There’s a Republican candidate that has to be considered, too – Curtis Sliwa.

Sliwa is all for a “stop and frisk” so that the handguns are confiscated from the criminals.

When it comes to what’s best for NYC, Sliwa would be the better choice. Let’s not forget that some of the lowest crime years in New York took place when there was a Republican mayor by the name of Rudy Giuliani running things. It might be time to cross political lines again so that guns can be taken off the streets by actually removing the criminals from the streets.