Obama Urges Racial Injustices to Be Fought at the Voting Booth – But Has he Seen Who is Running?

Obama is quick to try to show that he’s still a man of the people. With all of the rioting going on, he’s trying to urge people to fight the racial injustices at the voting booth. Since Trump is the one in office, he could only be trying to say that Biden is the best choice, right?

The former president may want to take a better look at what’s really happening. When it comes to Biden versus Trump in fighting for racial injustices, Trump is the better candidate.

It was only a few months ago that Kamala Harris and others were throwing Biden under the bus for being a racist. After all, he likes to entertain with stories of the good old days where he hung out with some of the most racist Congressmen in history. They were his buddies.

It’s big of Obama to come forward to tell people to head to the voting booths. He said that it could be the “turning point for real change.” He already spent eight years in the White House. Why couldn’t he have been the turning point? Shouldn’t he have been the one to already take care of the problem? He failed, which is why the problem still exists.

Obama already made a post on Medium to acknowledge that there is “genuine and legitimate” frustration about racism in the country. He said that it’s a decades-long failure to reform police practices. Guess what? Obama was in the office for almost a decade and he did nothing to improve the police practices.

The former president wants to see people take their anger to the polls with them. However, he’s still quiet when it comes to endorsing a candidate. Even when Joe Biden is the only Democrat left standing, Biden isn’t coming forward to endorse him. Isn’t that interesting? Almost every president in history endorsed his VP when the VP’s turn to run finally came.

This is just Obama deciding that he can’t let go of the limelight. He wants to help turn the focus away from the rioting. He’s shining a spotlight on the real problem: racism in the United States. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is a problem. It’s been that way since the beginning of the country’s history.

People already tried taking their racial injustices to the voting booth. It’s why Obama was able to spend eight years in the White House. People were expecting him to get the job done.

Now, people are only left with Obama’s urge to make more specific demands of their local leaders. It ensures that activists don’t get the lip service from the leaders. Obama believes that to get the change that is needed, it involves both protest and politics.

Great. Well, when it comes to taking a vote, Republicans have a better chance of evoking change. They have a better chance of getting the situation under control.

The areas of the country that have lost complete control of their cities during the rioting have been led by Democrats. Minneapolis. Los Angeles. New York City. They’re all Democrats. Those cities have had the biggest issues when it comes to race for years. And you can add Baltimore to the mix, too.

Then, you have a Democratic presidential candidate who has a history of making racial slurs. He has proven that he makes the wrong choices for those of color.

When it comes to lip service, Obama knows how to give it better than anyone. He’s urging a system to change when he, himself, failed to get the changes. He needs to look in the mirror at why the problem is still existing. Further, he needs to look at who is running for president. If he thinks telling people to go to the voting booth is the answer, it’s clear that he’s actually putting the votes to Donald Trump.