Ocasio-Cortez says Reagan Policies were Racist and Capitalism is Unsustainable

The 29-year-old self-described democratic socialist is at it again…
Over the weekend, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spoke to a crowd of fellow millennials at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, TX. addressing a wide range of topics from climate change to combating racism in America.
In an interview with Briahna Gray of The Intercept, she attacked Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal and Ronald Reagan’s economic policies by saying they were racist and pitted the white working class against minorities “to screw over all working-class Americans,” especially in the African-American and Hispanic communities.
Just for the record, Ocasio-Cortez was born in 1989 and resident Ronald Reagan was in office from 1981 to 1989. But hey, I’m sure she knows what Ronald Reagan stood for, right?
Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself. We can’t make this stuff up.
She claims Ronald Reagan’s policies

According to a Newsmax report, she attacked capitalism and explained how the current economic system values profit over people. She further explained how the current economic model is not sustainable because it puts profit above everything else in society.
As if capitalism were the enemy here.
I bet the Venezuelan people wish they had an economic system like capitalism right about now. Maybe Ocasio-Cortez should try vomiting her socialistic views to a crowd of her poverty-stricken peers in Venezuela, and maybe lecture them about paying their fair share.
I think we all know how that would turn out.
Keep in mind, this is coming from a former bartender who’s a product of capitalism and is living proof of the American Dream. Once again, we can’t make this stuff up.
She quotes,

“Capitalism is an ideology of capital –- the most important thing is the concentration of capital and to seek and maximize profit and that comes at any cost to people and to the environment. So to me, capitalism is irredeemable.”

In the same interview she also said, “we’re reckoning with the consequences of putting profit above everything else in society. And what that means is people can’t afford to live. For me, it’s a question of priorities and right now I don’t think our model is sustainable.”
Funny. The model has been sustainable for more than 250 years.
But hey, moving on…
South by Southwest Conference
This year’s South by Southwest conference also heard from several 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls like senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, pleading their case in hopes of becoming the Democratic nominee to run against President Donald Trump next year.
Ocasio-Cortez did win the liberal crowd, and many of her followers wish she was eligible to run for president.
Republicans are convinced socialist Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez are pushing the country towards socialism, even though senior Democratic officials continue to deny it.
Imagine if she became the socialist Democratic nominee and ran against Trump in 2020. Who do you think would win?
This is why we sound the liberty horn loud and clear. We must be prepared for anyone!
Listen to what the young socialist Democrat has to say about capitalism in America:

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