OMG! AOC Cries in Congressional Fight to Ban Police Use of ‘Chemical Weapons’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is back and tearful about how the police use tear gas to disperse violent crowds. She is one of many Democrats that are working behind the scenes to take the power of authority out of the hands of law enforcement.

She wants the police to resort to other means to deal with violent people than tear gas. What she fails to understand is that tear gas is much better to use on crowds than shooting them dead because the crowds are putting the lives of other people in danger.

Democrats in the House are proposing a bill that would effectively limit what the police can do. The bill is called the Prohibiting Law Enforcement Use of Chemical Weapons Act. They make it sound like they are using deadly agents on people.

The fact remains that if the people would not act violently, then there would be no need to use such force in the first place. The Democrats are making it easy for violent people to commit crimes. This is their way of defunding the police on a national level. They strip one method of force away from them until they have arrest people with sticks.

Ocasio-Cortez’s statement that “Tear gas is chemical weapon banned in war. It is a deep shame that US leaders chose to tear gas our own people last week. It should never, ever happen again.”

She needs to check her facts because there is a big difference between tear gas and chemical weapons designed to kill people. She once again is spouting things off at the mouth and she does not fully understand what she is saying.

The violent nature of the crowds has caused the police to use strong methods to get them to disperse and stop harming other people. The Democrats are whining that the police have used these methods which in their blind eyes is unacceptable.

What they miss is the fact that violence is what caused the gas to be used. There is no need to strip the use of force away from the police. The violent protestors need to be dealt with, so these kinds of things do not happen.

The issue behind what Ocasio-Cortez is crying about stems from fake news being spread by the media. The president stated truthfully that the “Media Falsely Claimed Violent Riots Were Peaceful And That Tear Gas Was Used Against Rioters … Fake News is hurting our Country so badly. Don’t burn down churches…” The liberals are so blinded by their hatred of the country that they cannot see the truth behind hard facts.

The bill would keep any officer at any level of service from using the gas. They would have to get rid of their tear gas or risk losing federal funding. Chuy Garcia is a Democrat from Illinois. He stated in support of the erroneous bill that “Almost 100 years after chemical weapons were banned in warfare, I am horrified that police continue to use those weapons against the communities they are sworn to serve. Despite its lethal potential, police deployed tear gas to aggressively scatter recent protests in Chicago and across the country.” It is not that they are to serve, they are also to protect. And that means keeping violent mobs from hurting peaceful people.

Mark Takano is another fan of the AOC and he stated that “There has been a disproportionate response by law enforcement to the peaceful protests occurring nationwide, often involving excessive force and the use of tear gas. We even saw its indiscriminate use against peaceful protesters outside of the White House to clear the way for President Trump’s photo op.”

The Democrats must be missing the violent actions and chants of death towards certain people. What the Democrats deem as peaceful is considered violence by the rest of the world.

Ocasio-Cortez has no clue what it takes to stop a violent mob from killing people. She believes the police should stand by and let the people do whatever they want. Only as long as the mob stays away from her home and place of employment.

The Democrats speak words of support for the criminals, but when they are affected they are quick to denounce their own injustice.