Oops! The Lying Media Adds Homicide Victims to List of Coronavirus Deaths

The media has been looking for ways to scare people into submission. After all, we’re not allowed to go on with our lives because of the coronavirus, right? What started out as a seemingly thoughtful way to honor those who died as a result of the coronavirus quickly turned out to be the media doing what they do best – lying to us.

The NYTimes must have wanted to make the list longer than it actually was. Rather than keeping the deaths solely to those who have died of the coronavirus, they added a homicide victim to the list, too.

People noticed, too. They weren’t okay with it being added to the list. While it’s true that plenty of people have died as a result of the virus, there have also been plenty of other causes of death out there. Marring the lines is a dangerous scare tactic.

When NYTimes apologized, they only pointed out that they may have made more than one mistake, too. Their tweet said that there’s “at least” one name in error. Oh? How many more are there? Considering that there have been reports to say that hospital workers are told to list coronavirus as the cause of death for anyone dying under their care, it’s possible that much of the list isn’t a true showing of just how dangerous and deathly this pandemic is.

If the NYTimes wants to be taken seriously, they have to do better than what they’re doing right now. Mistakes are not okay, especially when people are counting on the publication to tell them about the pandemic. Is the pandemic as dangerous as we’ve been led to believe? Is the media looking to blow it out of proportion to tank the economy and blame it on Trump?

While the coronavirus has been responsible for countless deaths and families have had to suffer as a result of loved ones perishing, NYTimes took advantage of a situation. They made a list of real names belonging to real families and turned it into front-page news. The headline identifies that the U.S. death toll nears 100,000. Is it that they just needed an extra name or two to fill their page? Or, did they just start grabbing at obituaries with the assumption that they were all from the pandemic?

A homicide victim should easily be classified differently from the coronavirus deaths. Otherwise, there is a bigger problem. If the coronavirus has mutated in such a way that it is now capable of taking shape as a physical killer, out there committing homicides, that should be the bigger front-page news, shouldn’t it?

Either way, NYTimes messed up. Their apology isn’t making anyone feel any better, either. The people from the hometown of Cedar Rapids where the homicide victim was from has taken note. They want to make sure that the world knows he died from homicide, not from the pandemic. It’s been in the local papers. There was no mistake that it was a homicide as the man was found in a wooded area. He didn’t die from the coronavirus—and for the NYTimes to say otherwise is plain wrong.

It’s part of what the media has been doing all along, though. The left-winged media can’t help but lie. They don’t even have the moral compass to feel bad about it anymore. They use false photos to help spread their lies. They add names that don’t belong on lists to make their front pages look better. If they can scare the American public into submission, they’re doing something right, right?

It’s yet another desperate ploy to scare people into thinking that Trump isn’t getting the job done and that we’d be better off with a Democrat in office. Well, luckily, we know the difference between a homicide and a coronavirus death, and people are willing to call