Out of This World! GOP in AZ Gets a Lift

Arizona may have a reputation for being Democratic, but it seems that it may be getting a push in the direction of the GOP. For all of the violence happening around the country, it’s not a shock. The only real shock is that it may be astronauts who are making this happen.

Mark Kelly, an American astronaut, is running for a seat in the US Senate. As a Democrat, many considered him to be a sure win – and that’s bad news for the GOP as it could result in losing the majority. It turns out that being an astronaut and a captain in the U.S. Navy may not be enough to get sufficient votes.

It would seem likely that other astronauts would vote for Kelly. However, that’s not the case. At least three astronauts have come forward to endorse Martha McSally, the GOP Senator running against Kelly.

Everything seemed to be lining up for more Kelly. He was leading in the polls. He also had plenty of ads, although they were nasty and dishonest. Then, the largest publication in Arizona – the Arizona Republic, published an endorsement from three astronauts for Martha McSally.

Tom Stafford, Charlie Duke, and Jack Lousma have all decided that they not only want to throw their support behind her, but they also want to praise her for the accomplishments that she has made throughout the Air Force.

McSally may not have gone up in space, but she has an impressive background, nonetheless. She was the first woman in US history to fly a fighter jet into combat and also commanded a fighter squadron.

The astronauts have praised her, saying that her “incredible determination, strength and grit” will be useful when it comes to representing Arizona in the Senate. They continue by going on about all of the ways that she has delivered results for Arizona already, including being identified as a bipartisan senator.

Meanwhile, Mark Kelly may have a military background, but he has also maintained a rather leftist agenda – an agenda that the astronauts are quick to point out. While he may have an impressive resume, he has also supported radical gun-control, government takeover of healthcare, and has voted to raise taxes.

There are quite a few extreme policies that the Democratic Party has talked about – and Kelly has tried to remain as quiet as possible. Silence is often more dangerous than talking openly. He knows that his liberal views may scare away voters.

The Democratic Party has evolved dramatically over the past several years. They have been moving so far to the left that they are no longer recognizable. Abolishing ice, defunding the police, and opening borders are dangerous policies, yet these are all things that they have discussed as possibilities in the coming presidential term if they can get Biden into office and on board with their radical ideas.

One of the only ways to protect against liberal possibilities is to protect the Senate. Maintaining a GOP majority means not allowing people like Mark Kelly to get the vote.

The endorsement from the three astronauts identifies that “McSally has delivered for Arizona, while Mark Kelly embraces Democrat ideology that would be bad for our country.”

A vote for Mark Kelly in Arizona could end up not only placing Kelly into the Senate but also handing over the lead to the Democrats. It could leave the country with less security, less freedom, and less control of everyday lives.

Although Kelly continues to hold onto the lead, the newest endorsement is likely going to give the citizens of Arizona something to chew on for a while. With less than four weeks to the polls, everyone has to consider what they really want the United States to look like in the coming years.

Those who want to hold onto their constitutional rights need to understand the importance of keeping GOP and the majority – and for those in Arizona, it means a vote for Martha McSally.