Patriots Using Book ‘1984’ to Defeat Cancel Culture

If you haven’t read the book 1984 by George Orwell, go read it.

Don’t say “I already know about Big Brother is watching you.” That’s not the critical part of the novel.

The book tells the story of a society that has been structured so that the elites in control will remain in control forever. They control using constant surveillance, keeping everyone on the verge of starvation, eliminating any activity that brings joy or hope or enlightenment, generating focused anger at enemies of the people, and enforcing cult-like worship of an all-benevolent leader.

But that’s not the most important part. The most important thing that they control people with is their control of information.

The citizens of the fictional place of Oceana are told each year that under the guidance of Big Brother that they have set new records for production, beating all projections.

Any record that says otherwise is characterized as an error or it is labeled blasphemous. The Ministry of Truth then corrects the record.

This revision of truth and history applies to other situations, as well. For instance, if someone is recognized in one of Big Brother’s speeches as a war hero, but they later fall out of favor, then any record of that speech that cites the individual as a war hero is in error and records corrected to reflect the new “truth.”

Sound enough like cancel culture to you?

Sometimes a person poses such a threat or is so offensive to the sensibilities of the totalitarian Big Brother that the person is killed and then determined to have never existed – in that case, every record that that person ever existed is removed from the records and sent for incineration in the “memory hole.”

In the United States today, we see this happening with Confederate statues. Now the craze for destroying and “memory holing” history has expanded to include the Founding Fathers. What’s next, the U.S. Constitution?

By controlling the past, Big Brother is always right. He is always good. The lives of the people are always improving.

Oceania is at war with Eurasia and always has been, so if you think that you remember something else, you are mentally ill and need to report for treatment at the Ministry of Love.

So ask yourself – who controls your information? If you wanted to see exactly what Biden said when Trump closed the US borders to travel from China to stop the spread of COVID, where would you look?

If you wanted to see a list of the politicians who flew on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane, how would you get that list?

What if you clearly remember something that is embarrassing to someone in power, you can no longer find the evidence, and the “experts” in power tell you that you are lying -what do you do?

We may not actually live in a world where the government controls every record of the past. Not yet. But we do live in a world where the opinions of those in charge of managing information have become the only “acceptable opinion.”

A few clicks on a computer can banish a dissenting voice. A few more clicks can label anything that this person said as a lie. And a few more clicks can get them fired from his job and forced to the margins of society—forever.

The book 1984 is being used by Conservative patriots as a manual to fight the totalitarian movement led by the Silicon Valley-Democratic Party nexus and their radical agenda of socialist groupthink.

We need to question the information we are spoon-fed. Every news story needs to be looked at carefully to understand if we are actually getting the truth and to determine what the actual truth is.

The more our modern-day Ministry of Cancel Culture attacks conservatives and religious patriots, the more important it is to look for alternate sources, build new networks and news structures with allies, and think critically.

Look for information that isn’t in the news, but should be. Look for statements by officials that are carefully worded only to be misinterpreted when they are reported, then amplified upon as they are retold. And don’t believe that you are wrong simply because other people have been fooled by the voice of the crowd.

By controlling the past, Big Brother controls the present and therefore controls the future.

By remembering the real past, using logic and critical thinking, rejecting emotionally-laden wording, doing your own thinking, and encouraging others to do so too, you help reject Big Brother’s vision of the future.

The vision of Big Brother’s future, as described by one of the ever-watchful Thought Police: “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”