Pelosi Shares Delusional Future Where Dems Control Everything

Poor Nancy Pelosi. Her old age may finally be getting the best of her. As more results pour in for the election and the mail-in ballots are being counted, she believes that it may be her responsibility to determine who is going to win the presidential election.

The power as Speaker of the House went to her head long ago, but now it appears that the power has caused her to go mad.

If the election is too close to call, it may be the House of Representatives that will have to decide on the election results. Oh, and Pelosi is all over it. She has already talked about her plans to play a “prominent role” in who wins the election. Any bets on who she’ll choose?

Although there would be a vote in the House in the event of a tied election, it isn’t necessarily the Dems that would be the majority. It has to be left up to the state delegations – and as the results of Election Day are still being decided, it will be hard to know who will really be holding the majority.

Pelosi told NPR all about the delusional future that she sees where not only the Dems retain control of the House but also gains control of the Senate and the president would be Joe Biden. A triple threat of Democratic power would be sure to send the country to its knees – and Pelosi has been waiting for this day her entire life.

She’s likely already picked out her dress for the inauguration party where Joe Biden will become president on January 20. Combine that with a House and Senate both in control of the Democratic Party and it would be a reason for her to celebrate.

She told NPR, “We’re ready. We’re prepared. We’ve been ready for a while because we see this irresponsibility of the president, his disrespect for the Constitution, for our democracy, and for the integrity of our elections.”

She’s been ready since he was voted in as president in 2016. He hadn’t even done anything and she was ready to vote him out. She’s tried her hand at impeachment and it didn’t work.

She wants to call Trump irresponsible and disrespectful – yet she wants to play the same childish games. She has refused to negotiate with him simply because she doesn’t like him as a person. And considering that Republicans are often originalists and Constitutionalists, she has the ‘disrespect for the Constitution’ all wrong.

If anything, it’s her and her party who are disrespectful – they want to change everything within the Constitution, starting with the way social media wants to silence anything that has a right lean to it.

Pelosi needs to be careful about the picture that she paints. There have already been enough votes in Trump’s favor to show that there’s a good number of people who want to see him in power. Plenty of House and Senate members of the GOP have retained their seat (and even gained some) to show that people don’t want to slip into her dystopian future where everything is controlled by Dems.

And what’s wrong with Democratic control? It doesn’t take much to look at instances across the country where it has gone horribly wrong. Michigan’s Whitmer held the state hostage. New York’s Cuomo killed thousands of senior citizens. Seattle’s Durkan handed the entire city over to terrorists.

Yeah, no one wants the future that Pelosi is trying to paint where not only is Biden the winner of the presidential race but the House and Senate belong to the Dems, too. Even those who voted in that direction don’t want that – they just won’t know it until it actually happens.

God help us all; we can’t allow the Dems to control everything. Otherwise, we’ll see the biggest disrespect to the Constitution that the country has ever seen.