Pelosi’s Betrayal! Congress Continues to Receive 130k in Salaries During Pandemic While Denying Help for Struggling Americans

Nancy Pelosi’s complete and total disregard for working-class Americans has been on full display throughout the course of the current pandemic. We can all remember the fiasco with her expensive ice cream collection and megabucks fridge. This is the “inspirational” content that she saw fit to provide to Americans during their darkest hour.

Pelosi continues to enjoy the sweet life while Americans suffer, no pun intended. Even when the government issued all sorts of restrictive lockdown measures, she did not see fit to offer any sort of disaster relief aid. Instead of referring to these funds as ‘disaster relief’, they are now called a ‘stimulus package’.

This implies that the people are looking to collect free money from the government, as opposed to working for a living. News flash, Pelosi. Americans are not looking for a free ride. They simply want what is coming to them. This year has been filled with all sorts of missed money-making opportunities. There’s no telling how many Americans have been affected.

We also remember Nancy’s cavalier attitude when the negotiations were taking place during this summer. Bear in mind that these talks occurred during the month of July. This was several months ago now and she hasn’t cared to come back to the table since. Their goal was a simple one: they did not want to provide aid to Americans during a time when Donald Trump might be able to take some credit for it.

Now, after doling out a piddling $1,800 to get Americans through the worst tragedy we have seen, she seems content. In her mind, old reliable Joe Biden will be in the big seat next month. This is when the REAL monies will be handed out, right? We wouldn’t be so sure. Biden may say the right things at the moment but we are skeptical about what actually happens once the next round of negotiations begins.

The economy has been ruined, hundreds of thousands are dead and there is no end in sight. Congressional members like Pelosi have raked in six-figure salaries to sit around and debate whether working-class Americans “deserve” a measly $600. This is the sort of thing that you would expect to see in a bad dystopian saga, not real life.

Sadly, this is what our lives are now. The Democrats are secretly enjoying the pandemic because they are able to get their way more often than ever before. Americans should be ready to overthrow the entire party after they dithered around to this extent. What is a $600 check going to do for any American? There’s no one who can even make a rent payment on that amount of money.

Even those who reside in states and cities with a lower cost of living are not going to be able to get any meaningful bills paid. Congress does not realize that the cost of living has gone up a bit since the last Great Depression. A $600 check might have meant the world to an American then but now? That is barely enough to handle this month’s utility bills.

“Members of Congress got paid $130,000 to spend 9 months arguing about whether we deserve $600,” tweeted Eli Yudin. We could not have said it better ourselves. Americans have to beg, borrow and steal in order to keep themselves afloat but at least these clowns are still able to pay their bills and maintain order in their lives.

That’s all that matters to them. Pelosi and her cronies are even lining up to get their vaccinations after only playing up the virus when it made sense for them politically. Americans who do not have the luxury of traveling in style and avoiding the masses are still waiting to hear when they are going to be able to receive these necessary injections. How these reckless politicians have been able to jump the line so easily is beyond our comprehension. Crooks, all of them.