Philly Fills Residents’ Heads with Fauci-Isms to Keep Them Warm Through the Holidays

S.Borisov /
S.Borisov /

Dr. Fauci already told everyone that if they’re going to have family and friends from another household over, they need to ask for a vaccination card. It’s a true representation of Bah-humbug…and it also shows just how far the liberals are going to destroy the joy of the season. They’ll use whatever scare tactics they can to tell people that the omicron variant is coming for them, and they better vaccinate, wear a mask, and basically go into quarantine.

Now, the City of Brotherly Love sounds like the kind of city that would openly embrace the holidays. They should be welcoming everyone with open arms.

Only, Philadelphia is run by a Democratic mayor by the name of Jim Kenney. And, like a good little Democrat, he’ll go along with the progressive agenda of fear-mongering. Forget science, we’ll just scare everyone into submission…

Health officials have chosen to warn residents that hosting gatherings with people who are outside of their household is a no-no.

According to health officials, the COVID-19 infections rate has doubled in the past few weeks, and hospitalizations have increased, too. They’ve added a vaccine mandate for indoor dining establishments, too. Essentially, show a vax card or plan on getting your holiday meal to go.

Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, the Philly health commissioner warned, “Please do not get together with other households for Christmas. Our contact tracing tells us that these gatherings, when we get together with friends and family, are when we infect each other with COVID.” She went on to say that the officials saw it with Thanksgiving and worry that they’ll see it again for the remaining holidays of the year.

She also suggested, “Instead, profess your brotherly love and sisterly affection by wearing your mask, by avoiding crowded indoor spaces, by staying home if you’re sick, and by getting every dose of COVID vaccine that you’re eligible for.”

You know, if the Democrats are going to make such demands, they really have to get on the same page as everyone else. The CDC and even Dr. Fauci said that we can get together with people outside of our home as long as we ask to see their vax cards.

And, Biden has been boasting that home testing kits are now available on the market – and that insurance companies will refund the money spent on them. That means that we could simply ask everyone to test before walking through the door.

Yet, that’s not what Philadelphia wants its residents to do. Instead, they’d rather ignore all of the science. They’ll encourage the vaccine while in the same breath acknowledging that the vaccine won’t change anything in terms of being able to spend time with people outside of your household.

Do you feel the love yet, Philadelphia?

The Faucism is starting to get out of hand – and it’s not going to keep anyone warm this holiday season.

Who are we supposed to believe anymore? Do we believe Dr. Fauci? The CDC? Our city’s health officials? Everyone has different advice – and it’s yet another reason why the Democrats are failing to protect during the pandemic. They all want to limit what we can do, yet some decide to take it further than even the biggest of the fear-mongers.

There’s nothing warm and fuzzy about what the Philly liberals have to say about the holidays. So, the vaccinated should follow Fauci’s advice and simply be cautious. As for the unvaccinated, well, you guys are gonna do whatever you want anyway, isn’t that right?