Pig’s Blood Smeared on Home to Make a Point in Chauvin Case Misses Said Point

Rioters tend to go blind with rage. They don’t pay attention to the message that they’re sending. They act out of anger instead of making rational decisions.

In Santa Rosa, California, vandals wanted to act out on the Derek Chauvin trial. So, they decided that they wanted to use pig blood to send their message. After all, cops are pigs, right?

A defense witness’s home was smeared with the pig’s blood. Only, the defense witness doesn’t live at the home. Instead, it’s owned by someone else. The vandals simply chose that home because the defense witness used to live there.

None of it makes sense. After all, why penalize someone by smearing pig’s blood on their home simply because they own a home that used to be owned by a defense witness who came forward during the Derek Chauvin trial?

This is just like how the Black Lives Matter protesters rioted and destroyed businesses across town – many of which were owned by black individuals.

One wrong does not make it okay to rage against an entire community.

The home in question once belonged to Barry Brodd, a use-of-force expert who was called to testify about whether Chauvin acted reasonably or not when applying his knee to George Floyd.

Brodd once served in the Santa Rosa Police Department for 22 years. Now, as a consultant, he was called to apply his specialized knowledge in the case.

According to the Santa Rosa Police Department, vandals showed up at the home to smear pig’s blood. When they showed up, dressed in black, they awakened the current residents of the home.

In addition to smearing the blood, a pig’s head was thrown onto the front porch. Officers arrived on the scene to find the head as well as the spattered blood.

Since the level of damage to the home was over $400, it makes the crime felony vandalism.

An act of vandalism was committed and for what purpose? It seems as though the message got lost along the way since the vandals didn’t even choose a current home of Barry Brodd. And, Brodd was simply acting as a way to explain how force tactics are used in police practices across the country.

The vandals wanted to target Brodd because they were sure his testimony wouldn’t have honored George Floyd.

If they wanted to honor Floyd, shouldn’t they have done some research? With just a few minutes on the internet, they would have learned that Brodd hasn’t lived in that home in several years. He isn’t even a resident of California.

So, the only thing the vandals did was falsely target a resident of Santa Rosa.

The rioting and the vandalism have to end. Is there ever to be peace again? It seems as though a person doesn’t even have to be connected to a case in order to become a victim.

Meanwhile, now a person has to clean up pig’s blood from their home simply because vandals thought that they were fighting for what’s right.

What’s right about throwing a decapitated pig’s head onto someone’s porch? The Santa Rosa Police Department didn’t even say if the vandals found the slaughtered pig. That’s likely to be another crime in and of itself. After all, in the mindless actions of these vandals, they decided that it was worth killing a pig just so that they could make a point.

Only…they didn’t make a point. They didn’t even follow common sense. They simply vandalized a random person’s home because they were upset that Brodd was testifying in the Chauvin trial.

How many more cases like this will pop up across the country? How many people will be made to become victims because people are upset? It’s time that people learn how to manage their anger because it’s not helping anyone.