Police are the New Threat to American Security According to Democrats

Crazy Joe Biden has done it again by putting what he thinks to be the best the world has to offer in key positions within his administration. That might not be saying much coming from a man that is slowly losing the battle with dementia.

His latest claim to fame circles around Jalina Porter, who was appointed as the deputy spokesperson for the States Department.

She believes her presence to be a blessing for the rest of the crew. Biden’s liberal poison spills into the communications arena with his latest pick. Porter is not the articulate master she thinks that he is.

Porter believes that the greatest threat to American security is not Islamic terrorists planning a new attack or even Nazi lovers spreading out across the country. She believes that it is the men and women of America that work in the law enforcement division. It is such a tragedy, she believes, for the country to govern itself with law and order and punish those who willfully break the laws.

Porter could define herself as an anarchist lover that wants to get rid of the police. There is no law and order in her world, just a bunch of street gangs patrolling her violent kingdom.

Biden’s top people come from the bottom of the list of those that should be in her position. But because he loves to sniff women, he was obliged to put her in a position where she has to meet with him on a regular basis.

Porter said that “The largest threat to U.S. national security are U.S. cops. Not ISIS, not Russian hackers, not anyone or anything else.” She bases her newfound hatred on an incident where officers killed a black man after being involved in questionable activities.

Porter looks at these cases and misses the point that these people committed crimes and were not complying with the police. These officers have every right to return home to their families. Her feeling-based comments are lopsided and unfair to the rest of the force that serves as people of color. Porter would view them as traitors to their color.

The racist Porter hates all white people. She takes a few people’s actions and brands the other millions as the same kind of bigots she believes them to be.

Her affiliation with the Democrats is not a secret. And the fact that they despise the police is nothing new. They want to defund all law enforcement, reform departments, torture officers, terrorize their families, and get rid of them altogether.

Police officers are an amazing group of elitists. They are raising families in a world that seemingly hates them for serving their communities. The Democrats hate them with a passion and are out to harm them. But the ironic side is that the liberals will call the police when evil comes to their doors.

Police officers have to look at it for themselves. The ones that work in cities controlled by liberals literally have their lives on the line. They go to work with no support from leaders. The only support that they may get comes from citizens that identify as Republicans.

Porter is a typical liberal that feels the world is out to get her. And now that she has a microphone to speak into, she believes the world should obey her words.

Porter is not the only crazy cat-lady working in the White House. Cedric Richmond came out blasting that “If y’all don’t wake up and rise up to this truth, the genocide against Blacks in America will continue until we are near extinct.” Extinction would be suitable for the liberal ideology that poisons minds around the country.

The police are not the threat that the Democrats make them out to be. They are the barricade that keeps the threats from terrorizing everyone in the country. But Porter and her friends believe that they are under attack by people in the country. When one lives with so much hatred long enough, they are going to believe insanity is the normal way of thinking.

Porter does not have the qualifications to work in the position she was granted by a man that is losing his mind. Her top skills on her resume were that she danced for the Oakland Raiders and the Washington Wizards. That would explain why girly man Biden chose her for the job.