Police Fighting Back As Left Seeks To Enslave Them to the Abyss

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Betsy Brantner Smith is the spokesperson for the National Police Association. She recently revealed that the reality plaguing law enforcement around the country is that the liberal left has condemned all officers to serve the criminals by making it possible for them to be subjugated to false accusations and hate crimes. And the Democrats are letting the criminals get away with it.

It is no secret that the Democrats hate the police. They have tried to defund the police nationally for the past two years. They have passed anti-police and pro-crime policies—the constant narrative of how evil the police are has only fostered resentment by liberals around the country. And as a result, crime has skyrocketed out of control.

The National Police Association is a group that helps people understand what law enforcement all is about. They want people to know that those that serve as officers are people that have families and are serving to protect the communities they live. They are not thugs running around profiling people and beating them to death like the liberals want people to think.

Smith maintains that the relationship between officer and citizen is strained because of how the nasty left treated the situation of a man who was violent towards the officers. Ever since the questionable George Floyd incident, the Democrats have moved to try and destroy law enforcement as it operates today. They need to rid themselves of the one mechanism that keeps them accountable to the law.

In a statement from an interview, the Daily Wire reported that Smith stated, “We’ve had this war on cops and, quite frankly, a war on the justice system really since 2014, since the justified police shooting of Michael Brown. But for the last 19 months, since the death of George Floyd, we have had this vilification of law enforcement.”

The amount of crime that has taken place in the past two years is beyond comprehension. The nasty Democrats taught people to hate the police and got them to remove funding from various departments only to increase the crime rate. But there is no Democrat alive who will ever admit that their actions are the cause for the rise in crime.

Smith also revealed that in areas controlled by the liberals,’ criminals have been let out of prison and given a free pass on the amount of crime they can commit without getting into trouble. And that action has led to the thugs challenging police in various ways.

Smith also stated that “The de-prosecution, the refusal to prosecute violent criminals and a host of other, quite frankly, all left-leaning policies … have allowed violent criminals back on the street, have allowed police officers to be vilified. So many police officers have left the job or gone to other areas of the country where they are going to be better appreciated. And this whole storm, quite frankly, that we have seen for the last 19 months has led to the homicide of 5,000 more Americans in 2021 than in 2020 and 2020 was a terrible year.”

The policies found within liberal-controlled states are lacking at best. The Democrats have opened the door for crime to rise without challenge. And every time there is a significant spike, the liberals try to look for a cause. When they fail to find the cause, they turn to the police and blame them for not doing their job right. But when their funding is stripped away and they are penalized for intervening, it stands to reason that they will not put their lives in harm’s way because they have families that they would like to return to.

The type of crime that continues to rise is not petty theft—the crime rate increases for murder, gun-related incidents, sexual abuse, and much more. Communities are sick and tired of staying indoors because taking a walk is too risky. They want new leaders willing to support law enforcement and stop catering to the felons.