Portland Mayor Goes off the Deep End When Faced With Reality of His Failures

Troubled Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, is wishing he would have taken a different approach to deal with the violence that plagues his city. Democrats like Wheeler have a hard time admitting their mistakes.

When it comes down to accepting responsibility for wrongs done, the first they want to do is pass the blame on to another person. And when they have no one else to blame, they turn violent, hoping to force a stop to the realization of their past failures.

The slow Ted Wheeler had a lot to learn as the violence erupted in his city months ago. Wheeler and the media praised the Black Lives Matter group’s efforts and the terrorist group Antifa for their willingness to stand for what they believed in. The entire nation watched as Wheeler sacrificed law-abiding citizens to the gods of war.

And now that the time has come for Ted Wheeler and other liberal dictators to answer for their past hateful actions, they respond in arrogance and pompous pride. Wheeler is no exception.

At a time when conservatives are losing their online presence, and President Trump is censored by big tech, people like Wheeler seem to be oozing out of the cracks. As the election came to an end, it seems as if the liberal elite are more boisterous than ever.

Twitter dictator Jack Dorsey saw to it to remove the president from Twitter because he thought it best to rid America of what he thought was a threat to liberalism. All he did was censor and shut down part of what defines America and makes the country remarkable. But Dorsey would face pushing back as critics would slam him for his unconstitutional approach to silencing free speech.

Wheeler is the latest ooze to show up from the depths of hell. His lazy approach to dealing with the violent takeover of Portland has sickened people everywhere. And when he was finally put in the hot seat to answer questions as to why he did not deal with the violence, Wheeler put the boxing gloves on and tore into the inquisitive Genevieve Reaume.

Wheeler immediately took a defensive posture once the questions of his failures started to come up. Reaume questioned his motives and why he would seek to set a pattern of bad behavior for other people to follow. Wheeler opened the door to future violence and people coming to his hijacked town by not dealing with the violence and condemning it.

Reaume put a lot of the blame for the riots at the capital in Wheeler’s little lap. And that action put the evil mayor into a tailspin that he would not recover from. For the first time in his sorry life, he sat there and had to think through his actions of dealing with Antifa and others that were destroying freedoms in Portland.

Wheeler may think that he has dealt well with the terrorist group, but their march around the city dictating what stores can sell tells a different story. All he did was give Antifa the go-ahead to rule the city.

Wheeler may think that he is the mayor and in charge, but Antifa is the ruling body in Portland because the monkey mayor gave them the keys when he refused to fight back. Wheeler’s refusal to deal with the problem yet again only allows them to continue their tirade of violence.

He was asked about what he intends to do to stop the continuation of the violence. And all he could come up with is to make them care about the people and companies that they are hurting. In some utopian universe, he thinks that Antifa will walk around with pompoms praising business owners and encouraging people they pass by.

Wheeler also allowed those arrested to get out of jail by using their free pass card. Some of these Antifa terrorists have been in jail a half-dozen times. But Wheeler gives them the keys to get so they can continue to hurt people. The mad mayor and his Democratic hoard of thugs have only fueled the city’s violence and surrounding areas. The mad mayor is solely responsible for the people he has allowed to be hurt by one terrorist group’s actions.