Cops are Scary, Says Guy with Flamethrower

It’s funny how rough and tough the lunatic liberals can be…until they’re faced with the law. They thought they were protected under the first amendment to assemble peacefully. Unfortunately for them, walking around with a flamethrower is not peaceful.

The police in Green Bay, Wisconsin received a report: “a whole bunch of white people with sticks, baseball bats and helmets headed… towards the police.”

So, Andrew Smith, the police chief, went down to see what’s going on. After all, people don’t show up to protests with baseball bats unless they’re planning on participating in some kind of criminal activity.

When the police showed up, many ran. There was one wearing a metal helmet with goggles and carrying an Antifa flag. They were able to catch this one, 23-year-old Matthew Banta. Once an officer caught him, he “dropped into the fetal position and began crying.”

It wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t just so sad. How can you show up to a protest with military-style gear and, then, start crying when you’re caught?

According to the police, Banta is known as “Commander Red” and has a history of being “a violent Antifa member who incites violence in otherwise relatively peaceful protests.

Or, at least he tries to be violent when the police don’t show up. He’s only willing to be tough when the police aren’t on the scene.

Banta was certainly preparing to cause some trouble at the protest. He allegedly had smoke grenades, fireworks, and a flamethrower in his possession. He was charged with not only obstructing an officer but also two counts of felony bail jumping. Bail jumping is a common offense with many of the protesters when they miss their court date. It also means that the bail bond they’re out on may be forfeited.

Of course, Banta did the only thing that he could do: deny that he was going to cause trouble. It’s an almost laughable response because you don’t show up to a protest with a flamethrower only to protest peacefully. It’s terrifying to think about what he could have done with that if he hadn’t been caught.

What Banta tells the cops isn’t believable anyway since he was already arrested earlier in August. He was accused of pointing a loaded gun at an officer in Waupaca County while also kicking and biting an officer during an August protest.

The only reason he’s out and was able to come to this protest is that he is out on a posted $10,000 cash bond. The condition of the bond was that he couldn’t have a dangerous weapon…and here he is walking around with a flamethrower.

If he’s convicted, Commander Red may end up seeing jail time after his latest round of shenanigans. It doesn’t seem that he’s learning from any of his mistakes. And if he thinks that crying and curling into a fetal position is going to land him any sympathy, he might want to think twice about pointing a loaded gun into the face of police officers.

The most unfortunate thing about this is that Commander Red is not working alone.  There are others who are more than happy to carry weapons into the protests that would, otherwise, be peaceful.

The local Black Lives United group had something to say about inciting the violence. They said, “We don’t see rioting as taking away from our message because it actually reinforces the state of emergency that we are in.”

This was part of a statement that was released from the group. Their plans are to hold the government accountable for the murders and attempted murders and said “We will build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by state and vigilantes. It is our duty.”

Essentially, they’ll break the law in order to protect their communities against others who break the law. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then again, bringing a flamethrower to a protest doesn’t make sense, either.