Prepare for the Zoom Holiday Party

Holiday parties are one of the few ways that companies recognize their employees. Whether it’s a simple party with cupcakes in the breakroom or it’s an all-out gathering at a posh venue, it’s a way to let loose and have fun. It’s a chance to be told “well done” and be rewarded. In some instances, it even involves the passing out of the holiday bonuses.

Democratic politicians everywhere have decided that it’s easier to cancel anything having to do with social gatherings. Indoors or outdoors, it doesn’t matter. Unless you’re the governor of California and want to attend a birthday party or you’re the Speaker of the House and want to throw a dinner party for the new Congress, you’re not allowed to have a social gathering.

Now that many economies have started opening back up, employees are back in the offices with one another. They might be socially distanced in cubicles and they might get their temperatures checked every morning, but they’re already seeing each other daily.

Frontline employees, too, are seeing each other. They don’t have a choice. They have a job to do and that means meeting with their fellow employees.

That doesn’t matter. The Dems don’t want to admit that their rule on social gatherings doesn’t make any sense. Enough research has come out to say that small social gatherings aren’t the cause of the spread. Instead, it’s things like prisons, nursing homes, restaurants, and bars.

But, that’s beside the point.

December is right around the corner and people want to figure out how they can host a holiday party without being in violation of state regulations. Vaccines won’t be out yet, so there’s only one option left – a Zoom holiday party.

It’s kind of sad when you think about it. All of that hard work throughout the year culminates with a holiday party on Zoom. Yeah.

Anyone who has been on a Zoom knows that they’re difficult to work with. People don’t know what they’re doing in front of the computer. The backgrounds are distracting and there’s always someone who sits uncomfortably close to the computer while another one refuses to turn on their camera.

And this is the way that holiday parties are going to work?

Wait, there are actually companies that have figured out how to organize a full party to ensure that it’s fun for everyone.

In some instances, businesses have given a lot of thought as to how they can make a holiday party amazing, even if it is on Zoom. They’re hiring live entertainment, workshops, and even delivering food to everyone’s homes. It’s a way to boost morale, and those working from home don’t have to feel so isolated.

Some party planning companies have even figured out how to provide a virtual party experience. Clients are able to decide what kind of entertainment greets people as they “enter” the party. From there, a clickable party map allows people to move between the rooms. This makes it easy to have access to various forms of entertainment and games as well as to mingle with certain co-workers.

Party planners thought they’d be extinct by the time 2020 was over. Those that were clever enough have figured out another way to thrive – and it can help with team building and more.

Additionally, employers can choose to use restaurants, caterers, and more that will deliver food simultaneously to all employees. As Daniel Hulme, the founder of One Fine Day has said, “Food is a universal language.” Since it is used to connect people, there are ways to make it possible to deliver the food and let people experience it virtually.

2020 is definitely the year of thinking outside of the box. Just because Dems want to cancel social gatherings doesn’t mean that there are no ways to socialize. It’s simply about choosing a fun and virtual way to do it.