Prepare to LOL…This is What The L.A. Times Believes America’s new National Anthem Should be…This is Rich

The destruction of America has become somewhat of a sport for liberals. Similar to hunting for wild game, they stalk the street of our nation in search of the biggest and best targets for which to aim their sites.

Now that a majority of what they’ve been hunting has already been tagged, they are moving on to smaller less significant targets. But. the biggest trophy winner of them all still remains. We should all thank our lucky stars they are such bad shots.

Our National Anthem has stood fast and strong through wars and times of despair. Many of us still get goosebumps each time it’s played because it has always served as a reminder of the many times America kept standing tall through times of disaster, and in the end, has always prevailed.

As one would rightfully expect, the enormous population of California’s flowered headed liberal’s are all too often quick to judge and condemn anyone and anything that does not conform or agree with their idealistic and fantasy laden ways of thinking.

This does not only include the residents of California though. It includes any media outlet located in the state, such as the famously outspoken pride of La-La Land, The L.A. Times.

The newspaper expounded on the fact that Francis Scott Key, the writer of our anthem, was a slave owner who has no right to be so highly honored. What they fail to realize is how the Star-Spangled Banner in no uncertain terms does not honor the lyrics writer whatsoever.

America’s anthem honors…America. It honors our independence and freedom from the bloody British tyrants who tried to impose their laws, ideals, and beliefs, on the new world. This is precisely why our forefathers abandoned Britain, to begin with. To escape their tight-clenched rule.

Here comes the irony. In 1963, a four-piece band of mopped-haired Brits made their entrance into the U.S. via their music. The Beatles took America by storm as young girls screamed themselves senseless and every guy wanted to be just like them. Electric guitars and drum kits saw their sales skyrocket.

Of the four lads, the one who was considered the intelligent philosopher of the group was a guy by the name of John Lennon. Lennon later became a leader in the hippy movement, and just to prove his stance against the world, he and his Japanese wife, Yoko Ono, laid in bed for an entire month.

Exactly what they proved continues to remain a mystery to this day, which roughly translated means they accomplished nothing outside of proving how lazy they were, and getting bedsores.

Here’s where you get to start laughing. The L.A. Times has ironically suggested that Lennon’s worldwide hit song, “Imagine,” should replace Key’s “Star-Spangled Banner.” A song which was written by a British guy. The same country we shed our blood to break away from, and the reason we continue to celebrate Independence Day.

The lyrics of the song encourages people to imagine no religion, no heaven, no possessions, no country, and on and on. Perhaps the song would better represent Communist China because it certainly does not represent the America we know, love, and have battled our brains out to protect.

The website,, even posted a petition where they cited the National Anthem as being “elitist, sexist, and racist.” However, after reviewing the songs lyrics with a fined toothed comb, nowhere is there any mention made of any of this stuff.

When Black Lives Matter turned to the streets in violent protest, they had a blast knocking down statues, looting stores for free merchandise, setting buildings ablaze, and attacking whatever innocent person happened to get in their way. Our National Anthem wasn’t even the tiniest grain of sand in their minds.

Not to worry though. The L.A. Times is a highly liberal and biased news source whose only intent is to fuel the fires of liberals by giving them only the kind of stuff they want to read about. And they’re good at what they do.

As far as a replacement anthem? There is not one other song that could possibly portray our fight for the freedoms we enjoy today or the American way of life we proudly stand by with our hearts and souls. Especially one written by a hippy Brit. We hope you enjoyed a good laugh. If you did, don’t thank us. Thank the L.A. Times.