Professor Wants to Kill all White People Because ‘White Lives Don’t Matter’


The Democrats are a bunch of people that seek to divide the American people over just about anything they can wedge between people. Right now, it is the issue of the color of a person’s skin. To classify a person as white or black is a matter of Democratic division since there is no true white or black person.

There are just humans that happen to have different shades of brown. But the Democrats have brainwashed people to think that they are oppressed by a different shade of color. They have led many to believe that they are being victimized because they do not have something that another person may have.

What makes the matter worse is that the Democrats increase their propaganda each election year to try and paint their opponents as a racist or color hating person. They do it to each other and they certainly do it to the Republicans.

They want to divide people so the angry mob will think that the Democrats care about them. So, they end up voting for the liberal, but in the end, they are forgotten about by the Democrats because they were used for political gain.

One such person of division is a professor at Cambridge University named Priyamvada Gopal. She tweeted such a hateful statement that even the liberal Twitter had to take it down. She stated that “White lives don’t matter.” In other words, kill all white people and let the brown color skinned people live free. The problem with her words is which shade of brown is talking about. “White” people just a lighter shade of brown than most people in the world.

Gopal is a prime example of a liberal professor who says things like “I’ll say it again, White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives.” Her statement is so hateful that even Twitter cannot endorse such a murderous statement.

People all over the place are responding to her filthy mouth. They are issuing death threats to her for her desire to kill all white people. There is now a movement that is trying to get her fired from Cambridge University.

The issue of her statement follows a police investigation over why a “White Lives Matter” flag was flown over Etihad Stadium. This “White Lives Matter” flag is a response to the BLM flag that is paraded around.

The problem is that it is not just one group that should take priority because all lives matter. But people have been brainwashed by the Democrats and people like Gopal to believe that life is not important. So they have no problem killing babies and killing people of a different skin tone.

Gopal stated that she stands by what she wrote and that it is more about “structure and ideology.” But when one digs into the meaning they find that the “structure and ideology” is what one group would claim and not anyone else.

She also stated that “I would also like to make clear I stand by my tweets, now deleted by Twitter, not me. They were very clearly speaking to a structure and ideology, not about people. My Tweet said whiteness is not special, not a criterion for making lives matter. I stand by that.”

Gopal’s statement threw gas on an already fiery situation. Her timing could not have been worse. The responses to her statement have been fitting as some would write that her statement was “disgusting inside and out”, and, “[i]f you don’t like white people, pack up your sh*t and go home. Problem solved.”

And another person would write “…On another note, kill yourself. Else someone might show you which lives really Matter :)” Not one of these responses is right either as they model the very hatred Gopal is promoting.

Another person stated, “Why would you want to abolish whiteness anyway, we’ve given you everything you own, without us you’d still be chasing Bush meat with a blowpipe.”

The University has come to her defense and stated that “The university defends the right of its academics to express their own lawful opinions, which others might find controversial. [It] deplores in the strongest terms abuse and personal attacks. These attacks are unacceptable and must cease.”

When there is a liberal university supporting such hatred it is easy to why the Democrats know what buttons to push to divide people.