Proof of Massive Viral Scandal Uncovered in Supporters Email

The world is enraged to find out that the China virus was manufactured in a bit lab in China. They are even more ticked off that the Chinese and the Democrats have tried to hide the virus’s truth because they do not want to hurt their political image. They banded together to try and push a fake narrative regarding the virus because they needed people to believe that it was a naturally occurring bug that happened to blossom into a killing machine.

One notorious group of scientists went to work and produced a story at least two weeks before any known cases in the United States showed up. They acted like a bunch of toddlers trying to hide the mess they made by agreeing to tell the same lie over and over again.

Geography quickly tells that the virus originated In Wuhan, China. From there, it would spread around the world. The developers of the letter stated that “We have watched as the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China, in particular, have worked diligently and effectively to rapidly identify the pathogen behind this outbreak, put in place significant measures to reduce its impact and share their results transparently with the global health community. This effort has been remarkable.”

Extraordinary at hiding the truth from the world and paying off the WHO to keep their big mouths shut. The reliability of these people is highly questionable given that they knew about the virus, and they were bending over backward to protect the people that unleashed the horror on the world.

They reacted so fast tells a narrative that they knew about the outbreak long before anyone else did. They saw the need to try and protect their colleagues from scrutiny. But what they were doing was setting themselves up to be discredited once the truth was made known.

Then they all claimed that the bug came to life in animals and then was spread to humans. But new evidence is coming to light that proves that they are all lying through their teeth.

They claimed that the virus came from a bat that was captured to eat during supper. The part that these people are not claiming is that no COVID-19 variant ever found on any monkey. The truth is that the bug was made in a lab and got out because of a government that resents the world.

The person that is at the center of everything is Peter Daszak. He is the president of a company named EcoHealth Alliance. He was involved with sending NIH grants to the lab in Wuhan, China. The purpose was to work on a virus and test it out on animals and humans.

Daszak also placed his name on the letter designed to defend the image of the communist regime. He intended to try and cover up the truth behind how the virus came about. He did not want to be held responsible for the carnage that has ravaged the world.

The story takes on several nasty twists that tie several people together in a web of coverups that are all attached to the cover story.

In a host of emails, it was discovered that Daszak worked hard at getting people to sign a letter that he endorsed. He wanted to make sure that the world looked the other way, believing the virus came from a monkey sitting in a tree in China.

The communist Chinese, the Democratic Party, and people like Peter Daszak do not want the truth of the virus getting out. The liberals are keeping people focusing on the symptoms, so they do not have the time to look at the root cause.

If the virus were a naturally occurring bug, then there would have been no reason to try and make up a story to cover how it was formed and how it got out. All they needed to do was tell the truth. But they lied, and now they are facing people such as Rand Paul, who is cutting to their hearts and getting them to face the truth.