Psaki Basically Explains How Biden Will Ditch Taiwan as an Ally…

By Gil Corzo
By Gil Corzo

The United States doesn’t have a great history of standing by its allies. We can read what happened to Vietnam. We’re still dealing with how we neglected Afghanistan. Now, we have a chance to stand by Taiwan and help them to remain out of the control of Communist China.

According to Jen Psaki, we shouldn’t be getting our hopes up. All we asked was to get some kind of confirmation that we’re going to help Taiwan. Yet, she couldn’t deliver any kind of hope.

In the past, we stood by Taiwan. We have always made it clear that we are there to help Taiwan – and that means standing up against Chinese forces. There’s just one problem, though. Biden is weak. He doesn’t know how to stand up against China.

During a CNN town hall last week, Biden was asked twice about whether the U.S. would stand to protect Taiwan. The answer was clear: “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.”

Now, it seems that Psaki has a different outlook. She wants to change the way in which we view the entire “commitment” that was made by President Biden.

When reporters asked if the U.S. would defend Taiwan militarily in the event that China invades the country, Psaki doesn’t seem to want to provide a definitive answer.

Well, we’re either committing to protect Taiwan or we’re not. If we are supposed to believe what Biden said during the town hall, it would stand that we would use our military to help defend Taiwan. Otherwise, we’re not committing to them and we’ll stand by while they fall to China’s army.

So, reporters had to ask if there was a change in the policy. “Our defense relationship with Taiwan is guided by the Taiwan Relations Act,” according to Psaki. She said that there’s been no shift in the policy, yet it’s hard to believe everything that she’s saying.

There seems to be an issue, though. And, it’s a similar issue as we just saw in Afghanistan. According to Psaki, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated as recently as Friday that there’s “no reason” to believe that the relations between Taiwan and China would “come to blows.”

Really? So, China consistently flying planes over Taiwan isn’t supposed to be threatening? Taiwan fearful that China is going to invade at any moment isn’t a concern?

Austin also thought that Afghanistan was capable of standing on its own. The moment we retreated, the country fell. We left so that the Taliban could gain power of its own country.

Clearly, it’s hard to gain confidence in anything that Austin has to say. He was wrong about Afghanistan and he could easily be wrong about Taiwan, too.

Psaki explains that based on the principles of the Taiwan Relations Act is that “the United States would regard any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means a threat to the peace and security of the western Pacific and of grave concern to the United States.”

That doesn’t really answer the question of whether it would include military intervention. Biden has a habit of taking the coward’s route. If it is of “grave concern” to the U.S., military intervention should be a no-brainer…but then again, we have a president who has shown that his brain is on the fritz.

One reporter pushed for an answer: “So can you just remind us, that policy is: no, there would not be military intervention?”

Psaki simply repeated how the U.S. policy is “to be guided by the Taiwan Relations Act.”

Great. So, China just got the green light to attack Taiwan knowing that we’ll desert our ally at the first chance since we don’t really do anything about things that may be of a “grave concern” for our nation.