Public Schools Become Racially Divide Zones as Parents Wake up to New Reality

America is full of trouble caused by the Democratic Party and its push to destroy personal freedoms. Their deliberate abuse of power and fractured leading has led to mass confusion and economic strain never before seen in American history. Mask mandates and lockdown procedures still plague the countryside. People have no idea what they are walking into when they leave home and travel to a new area.

Liberal dominated school boards continue to use the kids as pawns in their quest for money and control. Students are still being forced in Democratic states to sit at computers at home to learn. They do not get the benefit of recess or social interaction. All they have is a picture on a screen to listen to.

The push for remote learning that took place because of COVID-19 made sense. But now that the pandemic is over and kids are naturally immune to the virus, parents want to see the schools opened. But the teachers are fighting back because they like their year-long vacation from the classroom. They just don’t want to give up the benefit of working from home.

Parents were forced to stay home as well since kids could not focus like they could in a structured classroom. This led to parents staying home and finding out what these so-called teachers were all about.

Parents that care about their kids are involved in their education. The liberal teachers hated having the parents listening because it meant that they could not poison the kids with dangerous ideology.

One teacher in Pennsylvania was so enraged that parents were listening to his classes that he blasted them on his social media page. He thought he had the right to tell these kids anything he wanted. But he got a reality check when the parents started firing back. He saw the parents as the enemy and the danger of spreading lies and liberal ideology about dangerous subjects.

One liberal teacher was found on camera yelling at students, telling them that their parents have no right to tell the teachers how to do their job. She told her students that if the parents had a problem with the way she taught, then they could “come at me.” Which is praise used to violent fight in the street.

The war between parents and the schools get real nasty in Massachusetts, where the nasty teachers and school boards started reporting child abuse to the social workers when the child failed to show up for their online classes. And in some cases, certain regions have banned parents from being able to complain about the teachers.

The Democrats think that they can raise a child better than the parents can. Liberal teachers hate having parents listen in on their classes, but there is not anything they can do about it since they have to stay home with the kids.

The irony behind the war on parents is that teachers have become brainwashing experts. They are liberals that are tasked with the responsibility of reprogramming the next generation into thinking that the twisted reality of liberalism is factual and correct.

But parents are fighting back and demanding change. In many instances, kids are being pulled out of school and being placed in homeschool programs. This way, the parents take back their role as guardians of their own kids.

Public school was once a place where a child could be educated without fear of liberal pollution. But somewhere along the path, the Democrats seized control and put their demonic players in key positions to help drive the next generation to their side of the voting line. The problem was they did not expect such a massive defense from parents.

Democrats may think that they hold all the cards, but parents are proving them wrong. Republican-run states still have a reliable educational system in place because they do not allow the liberal poison to be spread throughout the districts. The teachers are instructed to teach and not give their opinions. It is time for kids to be taught to think through things independently instead of being told by Democrats what to believe.