Put a Muzzle on Him! Biden Fumbles from His Basement Again About ‘D-Day’

Joe Biden has been making us laugh for the better part of 2020. The only problem is that he’s not a stand-up comedian. Instead, he’s running for president. His memory continues to fail him, making him the laughing stock of the country. Meanwhile, Dems continue to tell us that he’s the best person to be in the White House.

Biden has been joking throughout the pandemic that he’s been hiding in his basement. However, he’s been mentioning it so often that we think he might be serious. He comes out when he needs to, whether for a press conference or for an interview where he tells people that they “ain’t black” if they’re not voting for him.

While in his basement recently, Biden’s memory failed him once more. While on an online campaign town hall with Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania, Biden showed that memory wasn’t his strong suit.

No one is perfect. Dates can be hard. However, someone running for president should know the basics of U.S. history. That should be the very least that we demand out of a president.

Biden talked with Wolf about how his state of Delaware separated from Pennsylvania. He mentioned how it was the day that independence was declared on December 7th, adding that it’s not just D-Day.

Oh, Joe.

Let’s see how many wrong things he said. D-Day is June 6, not December 7. It’s a day everyone should remember because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The day that Delaware celebrates its independence from Pennsylvania is June 15. You should know your state history, at least when it comes to independence days.

December 7 is an important date, though, just not any of the dates that pertained to the conversation. December 7, 1787, was the day that Delaware ratified the Constitution.

Biden didn’t just have the day wrong on what he was talking about. He had entire months wrong. And, somehow, he thought that Delaware independence and D-Day fell on the same day. Is this a memory problem or is he that ignorant about U.S. history? Either way, it’s not very presidential.

The former VP continues to show off that his memory isn’t what it used to be. Last week, Biden forgot that his former administration was responsible for hiring an inspector general. In December, he couldn’t remember the century he served as vice president. Last August, he identified the Prime Minister as Margaret Thatcher instead of Theresa May.

If it were one or two glitches in his memory, it would be easy to move forward. However, it’s a constant. Even those on the left are starting to poke fun at the memory loss because it’s too constant.

With Biden hiding away in his basement throughout the pandemic, someone should go down and check it for a gas leak. If there’s a high level of carbon monoxide down there, perhaps it could explain a bit. Otherwise, it would appear that the Democratic National Party is taking advantage of the poor man.

Joe Biden may have been a great politician in his heyday. Those days are long gone. The only thing that he has proven now is that he is showing every bit of his 77 years. He’s one of the older politicians still going, and it’s time that he enjoys his retirement. Sitting in the White House for four years is not how he should be spending his golden years.

Many have joked on Twitter that they could paint up his basement and tell him he won. It’s looking like that could suffice. Perhaps we just tell Biden that he won the election. Allow him to play make pretend while he’s hiding from the pandemic in his basement. Once the pandemic is over, he will come out of hiding and think that he served his four years. It seems like the best option we have, as he clearly cannot run the country given his obvious mental state.