Putin Provided List of Areas He Can Attack Within the United States

Joe Biden acts like he has the security of America at the top of the list, but his actions tell a different story. The speeches he gives are not to provide information to Americans. Instead, they are messages to nations around the world that America is ready for them to attack. Biden is a president determined to put America on a path of ruin.

At the start of his presidency, Biden made it clear that he would not allow any protective measures in place to remain. He was determined to destroy the legacy that Donald Trump had left. His removal of the immigration regulations was a message to illegals that the border is open, and it was time for them to invade.

Biden has also given similar messages to criminals within the country. His messages of defunding the police and reforming the current law enforcement agencies were messages that it was time for the criminals to engage in whatever they want. Unfortunately, the liberal cities have only seen a massive increase in violent crimes since Biden gave them the message to engage.

But the worst of his betrayal would come at the G7 summit, where he would give a message to Vladimir Putin. The two world leaders spent a lot of time together discussing many different issues. But the one issue that Biden was to discuss with Putin dealt with cyberattacks from Russian sources.

Forgetful Biden was supposed to tell Putin that the continued attacks from Russian sources would not be tolerated any longer. But instead of getting that message across to Putin, Biden made several statements that proved he is a traitor that needs to be put out of office.

Russian sources were able to shut down the Colonial Pipeline and JBS, which is a meat producer. Both of the attacks caused significant disruptions within the United States. But instead of telling Putin that such attacks were not going to be tolerated., Biden would state that “certain critical infrastructure should be off-limits to attack—period—by cyber or any other means.”

Biden admitted that Russia and America could play games with each other as long as certain parts of the economy were left alone. He blindly believes that cyber-terrorists will play by some list of rules that he would dictate to them. They do not care about what is off-limits. All they want is the money.

He planned to give Putin a list of infrastructure that would be off-limits for either country to attack. His statement of “I gave them a list if I’m not mistaken — I don’t have it in front of me — 16 specific entities; 16 defined as critical infrastructure under U.S. policy, from the energy sector to our water systems,” makes no sense at all.

The different areas that Biden told Putin not to attack are a list of things that Putin will attack. Terrorists will not abide by any list. They are going to target anything that will make the most damage. And this list helps them narrow down their attack.

The playground rules that Biden thinks a bully nation, such as Russia, will abide by is a blind man’s dream. Biden stated that “responsible countries” need to take action to prosecute cyber-criminals. But Biden has yet to prosecute such people. He admitted that he is not responsible enough to do what he is ignorantly proposing.

Biden blindly stated that “So, we agreed to task experts in both our — both our countries to work on specific understandings about what’s off-limits, and to follow up on specific cases that originate in other countries — either of our countries.”

The Colonial Pipeline was just one of the attacks that prompted the talk. However, the old president believes Russia was not involved. He states his belief because he does not want to anger the Russian people.

But both terrorist groups are located inside of Russia. Biden may not believe Russia has anything to do with the attacks. But he cannot deny that Russia permits these people to operate, which means they approve of their activities. Putin is just amazed that he could get Biden to give him a list of vulnerable sectors for his cyber-squad to attack. Vladimir