Racism Gives Prostitution a Green Light in Seattle

Seattle may very well be doomed. CHOP has taken over the city limits, allowing who knows what kind of illegal activities. Now, in the name of racism, prostitution has been given the green light.

There was a unanimous vote on Monday at the Seattle City Council to eliminate an ordinance that would allow police officers to loiter if they’re suspected of prostitution or drug dealing.


Supposedly, there are racial origins. The loitering bill reportedly affects black communities at a higher rate. Since Seattle is so focused on pleasing the masses and, more specifically, Black Lives Matter, they’re ready to allow prostitution and drug dealing in the streets.

The rejection of the bill has already gone to Jenny Durkan’s desk for final approval. The Democratic mayor who has done nothing to fight against CHOP and get the Seattle police back into the city will likely sign it.

According to Councilman Andrew Lewis, the lead sponsor of rejecting the bill, “These laws were never appropriate, they were wrong when they were enacted and they are wrong now.”

This is hardly a bill that has sent a significant amount of people to jail – approximately 300 people have been arrested for loitering under the law since 2009.

The Seattle City Council would have people believe that they’re the only city with this law. Loitering is illegal in 35 percent of cities across the country, according to a report from the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty.

Meanwhile, for some of the local activists, it’s not just the ordinance that should end. They’d actually like to see all misdemeanor crimes be eliminated from prosecution. Well, that’s convenient.

So, the criminals don’t want to be punished for their crimes? Too bad. Break the law and you’re going to get arrested. It’s the only way to maintain civility. Though, Seattle has forgotten what that looks like.

What are some of the misdemeanors in Seattle? Driving under the influence, theft, trespassing, and domestic violence. These are all categorized as misdemeanors. If they end the prosecution of such crimes, where’s the deterrent to not drive under the influence or trespass on private property or to steal from stores? There would be none.

There has to be a breaking point for what Seattle will allow. Clearly, they’re okay with prostitution – and this has been an ongoing problem throughout the city for years. It’s not just Black women, however. It’s every race.

This is why abolishing the bill doesn’t make sense. While it may have had racial origins, it’s applicable to everyone at this point in time. Drug dealers can be white. Prostitutes can be white. It’s not always about racism. Sometimes, it’s simply designed to prevent crimes from happening on the street.

When you give a little, people tend to take a lot.

First, you allow drug dealers and prostitutes to loiter. Next, you have people like Anita Khandelwal, the director of the King County Department of Public Defense stating, “Councilmember Lewis’s bills suggest that he and other members of the council are beginning to recognize that racism and oppression define the entire criminal legal system.”

It’s not about racism and oppression, though. It’s about keeping the streets safe. How about educating the city to not break the law? Black, White, Latino, Asian…it shouldn’t matter. How about just don’t break the law?

Meanwhile, Mayor Durkan has announced that it’s time for people to go home, in reference to CHOP and their six-block zone that they’ve created around the East Police Precinct. Durkan needs to get a bit more specific, though. She has not specified when they need to go home or how she plans to dismantle CHOP.

Seattle is falling apart. If anyone wants to know what it’s like to live in a world led by ineffective Democratic leaders, they simply need to look at Seattle. Everyone can agree that the city is a mess, and, now, they’re a city that’s not only a mess but one where drug dealers and prostitutes can now legally loiter on the corners.