Racist Tlaib Attacks Israel and Makes Contradictory Demands

The ill-begotten of the socialist party in America has pushed Rashida Tlaib to the front of the media circus once again with her hatred for Israel gushing forth. She has more compassion for Israel’s enemies than she does for the allied nation. She is once again complaining that Israel is neglecting people around them as the country vaccinates its own people.

Tlaib is upset that the Israeli nation is not vaccinating their Palestinian neighbors. As if it is their job to care for other people that have already declared themselves to be an independent state. If they are so independent, they should be able to vaccinate their own people without foreign power assistance.

Tlaib’s hatred for the Jewish people is unparalleled. There is no doubt that she would have already pushed the button if she had to the chance to nuke the tiny country. The way she demands Israel to take action and help others sits in contrast to her hatred for them.

Every time she takes the mic, she has nothing good to say about the Jewish people. She qualifies to take the ranks of those that have persecuted the Jewish people—her cries of hatred mirror those of Adolf Hitler right before he murdered over six million of them.

Tlaib has made Israel out to be a villain. She maintains that the Palestinians are the rightful owners of the land Israel currently occupies. She is also quick to agree with the self-proclaimed leadership of the Palestinian leaders, who are nothing more than a band of terrorists.

Her support of them is nothing new as another friend of the squads, Ilhan Omar, supports Muslim terrorists. The more she tries to make Israel out to be the bad guys in a story that has nothing to do with them, the more she makes herself sound stupid.

The Palestinians think they are a nation. So, it is time for them to act as a nation. It is time for them to stop being the 60-year-old child living in the basement of their parents’ home. But that day will never come because they all love living in victim status.

The Israeli people are not responsible for vaccinating the entire region. They have a duty to their own people first. And if they have enough to go around, then they are free to help others in need.

To Tlaib, everything in the world is the fault of the Jewish people. Her disdain for them comes out clearly for all to understand. But her demands for them to help others is a contradiction to her personality. No one in their right mind would ever make such demands of a people after they had repeatedly attacked and beaten them up with words.

Her actions are indicative of the Democratic Party. They believe that they can treat people horribly and expect them to get on board with an agenda or idea that they happen to copy for someone else. Joe Biden does this every time he calls for people to come together.

The nation of Israel has no responsibility to help another country with anything. Especially a country that has repeatedly murdered Israeli citizens. The point Tlaib wants to make is that it would be nice if Israel would help them out.

But in her own words, she states that Israel is just a racist country like the United States. How she can sit in a seat of government defies all logic. Her Palestinian lovers would desire nothing more than to bring in Israeli doctors so that they can murder them in cold blood. The Palestinian people hate Israel as much as Tlaib does.

The leaders in Israel have one responsibility, and that is to care for their own people first. This fact sounds very familiar to what Trump stated about the American people. Tlaib conveniently forgets that Israel already provides power and healthcare to the Palestinians. And nowhere along the line has the Palestinian people ever tried to get things moving for their own people themselves. They are content to mooch off of other people like the terrorists they are.