Radical Portland Protesters Clash with BLM Protesters in a Confusing Display of Violence

To claim protesters in Portland are peacefully demonstrating is to claim the sky is green. In fact, as the days turn to months, their violent escapades have exceeded even the worst of the full-scale riots America experienced in the 1960s, and those were horrendous.

There is little indication of the left-wing radicals who nightly fill the streets of Portland with their mob mentality, letting up any time soon. Instead, it would appear as though their numbers are increasing.

Now they are threatening to torch the police precinct if their demands aren’t met, whatever those demands happen to be. Amid the ongoing nightly violence and chaos, exactly what the rioters are asking for has become clouded to the point of them not even being sure. To the radicalized stone-throwers, it’s simply the cool thing to do.

But, when a crowd marches three miles, from Laurelhurst Park to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, and begins chanting “Kill a cop, save a life,” it’s time for serious counter-action on behalf of law enforcement.

“What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now! If we don’t get it, burn it down!” along with “Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground,” are dangerous words not to be taken lightly. To make matters worse, most of the protesters have little to no idea what type of justice they are even asking for.

In an incident summary, the Portland Police Bureau said, “Officers reported having rocks, frozen eggs, glass bottles, and frozen water bottles thrown at them. Officers reported people were shining green lasers at them, which is against the law in Oregon.”

“At about 11:57 p.m., the crowd had engaged in violent, tumultuous conduct creating a grave risk of causing public alarm for a sustained period of time; the crowd was rioting.” Proof positive, they were not peacefully demonstrating as some would have us to believe.

Officers deployed smoke and began arresting the protesters in order to disperse the crowd. Their efforts worked for a while until the protesters returned and began hurling rocks, one of which weighed 9.5 pounds, glass bottles, and any objects they could find.

Cars parked in the vicinity had their windows smashed, and some of the violent radicals had “Press” written on their clothing. This went on until almost 3 AM.

Because it required so many officers to finally quell the violence, crimes being committed elsewhere in Portland had to be placed on hold. Calls to 911 were ignored. Stolen car reports, home break-ins, thefts, hit-and-runs, and all manner of crimes, were placed on the back-burner, through no fault of the police precinct.

The police department was left dangling on their own since state troopers have abandoned the area. When the district attorney announced that most of the charges levied against the law-breaking amoeba brained liberals would be dropped, the troopers, in disgust, turned and walked away.

A group calling themselves American Wolf, much to the dismay of the rioters, showed up on the scene to observe what was going on. Peter Diaz, one of the American Wolf leaders, said, “We’re just coming out here to kind of document what’s happening or get a firsthand view of what’s happening.”

“If you watch any sort of media, or if you were paying attention, it seems like all the information we get through the TV seems to have some agenda behind it. So we like to go, put our boots on the ground, and actually see what’s happening.”

Rioters threatened the group as they walked around observing, with one of the protesters shouting, “I will cut your head off,” as others accused the American Wolf group of being white supremacists. Another shouted, “I got mace, a pistol in my hands, a big ‘ol [expletive] knife. Let’s go, Nazi. Let’s go, Nazi. Let’s go, Nazi.” American Wolf is a private group and has no contact information.

Here is when things got confusing. When BLM counter-protestors showed up, the rioters didn’t want them there, so fights broke out as the two sides fired paintballs and pepper-sprayed one another.

The scene finally cleared in the wee-hours but it has us wondering, and more than likely you as well, what is it they want? When the violent radical liberals start clashing with one another, your guess is as good as ours.

What are your ideas on this? Do they even know what they want any longer or are they just rioting for the fun of it? We certainly don’t know. Do you?