Raider Haters Targeted as Team Seeks to Require Proof of Vaccination Before Admittance to Games

Democratic poison has crept into everything that makes America the extraordinary country once beloved by all people. But now, all that the liberals have in their hearts is hatred and contempt. Their rotten cores have led many of them to seek ways to ruin the freedoms that many hold close to their hearts.

One of those institutions that the poison has ruined is the National Football League. Coaches and players alike have made their political statements by refusing to stand for the National Anthem or other patriotic events. Their love has grown cold.

The Las Vegas Raider is taking their contempt to the next level by forcing people to prove they have their shots like a dog before they can enter the stadium and watch the game. That may make several people mad, but their solution is to inject people with the shot, and then they can go in and sit down. And they intend to force people to wear the mask.

America’s team to hate has entered the health field and is seeking to vaccinate every fan. One report noted that “The Las Vegas Raiders will require all attendees at home games to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination through CLEAR’s free mobile app and Health Pass feature, allowing fans to attend games without wearing a mask. The policy will take effect for the first regular-season home game, September 13 against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football.  The Raiders are the first team in the National Football League to announce a vaccine/no mask policy ….”

Raider haters everywhere now have another reason to despise the one team that seems to tick everyone off. Every liberal-run organization in the country is bowing to the socialist-style passport idea. They need to forced people to prove they have had their shots so they feel safe.

The socialist team will “offer the opportunity for fans to receive vaccinations on-site at Allegiant Stadium prior to Raiders home games, permitting newly vaccinated fans to enter wearing a mask,” the report noted.

The New Orleans Saints also stated that every fan would have to prove a negative test result before being allowed in their games. The test cannot be longer than 72 hours from the start of the games. They can also provide proof of vaccination to avoid the testing.

The nasty Democrats need people to keep getting COVID tests so they can use their false data as a means to justify their lust for control. Without constant test-taking, there is no data to show the infection rate of the virus.

The pointless mandate to wear a mask is a feel-good method that they are using. Stadiums everywhere will be filled, but the people must wear a mask while eating and drinking. That exception defeats the whole mask mandate idea. A person that keeps taking their mask on and off has no protection from the virus. All it takes is one sneeze, and they are infected.

We understand some will be frustrated, as are we, that we find ourselves in this position. But teams like the Saints have reportedly stated that “We are committed to doing everything we can in the current environment to protect your health and safety while at the same time providing the best game day experience in the NFL. We, as a community, have overcome so much in our history and come back stronger every time. Together, we can defeat this virus and return to living, celebrating, and winning in the way we always have. We need you in that number — both on game day and in defeating this virus.”

Every measure that these liberal institutions are adopting has proven ineffective in containing a virus that has now found its home among the tremendous cold viruses of the season. Nothing they do will ever stop the virus from spreading.

The hated Raiders shooting vaccine into people is out of their league. The NFL is not a medical organization and should be involved in helping spread pandemic fear. They are to entertain and make their fans proud by winning games and getting to the Super Bowl.