Rand Paul Sets Out To Bring Anthony Fauci to Much Deserved Justice

By Christopher Halloran/shutterstock.com
By Christopher Halloran/shutterstock.com

The writing is on the wall for Anthony Fauci. The once trusted doctor has lied so much to the American people that the only safe place for him to hide is under Joe Biden’s desk. The pandemic has been the doctor’s undoing. When the investigation into his involvement first took place, there was a lot that was not known. But now, there is enough evidence to pin the tail on the donkey and expose how crooked Fauci has become.

Fauci knows that his time living in the free world is about to come to an end. Once the Democrats lose power, he is going to face justice. The unloving crooked Democrats have already stated that they are not going to investigate Fauci’s role in unleashing the COVID-19 virus.

China was fully engaged in gain-of-function research that had the sole purpose of developing new strains of viral agents for wicked reasons. Donald Trump had banned funding for this kind of research, but Fauci thought he could hide his efforts to support China by keeping things quiet. But his organization ratted him out.

Senator Rand Paul has been after Fauci since his involvement was first discovered. The patriotic Senator asked questions of Fauci, but all he got for answers were a bunch of lies.

Paul stated that “The Democrats have refused to have one hearing on this. It’s been going on; we’ve had a pandemic that caused 5 million people to die. We’ve had no hearings, zero hearings on the origin of this, or the possibility that it came from gain-of-function research that Dr. Fauci and the NIH [National Institutes of Health] was actually funding.”

The corrupt doctor thinks that he can hide under Biden’s desk until everything blows over. But with the deaths of 5 million people around the world, blood demands justice. Fauci’s role has been established, and now it is time for the liberals to grow a backbone, do what is right, and put the man in prison. But they cannot do the right thing, so it will be up to the Republicans to put him away for life.

Fauci funded a research project that tortured dogs, and the animals were injected with the virus and then observed as they slowly died off. Paul noted that the Democrats have basically “looked away and said, ‘nothing to see here’ – whether it’s the origin of the virus or, you know, torturing animals. So I think there needs to be more oversight on this.”

Before Anthony Fauci can be put in prison, the Republicans have to control the Senate and the House. 2022 is looking like the year where both parts of the legislature will fall into their hands.

Paul noted that he plans to head up an investigation of the origin of the virus and the complete role that Fauci had in creating the killer bug. Rand Paul went on to say, “And I promise you, there are going to be investigations into the origin of the virus – because this could happen again – and there also will be investigations as to whether or not the animal studies that are happening are absolutely necessary.”

The deliberate creation of viral entities to see what will happen is extremely dangerous. Five million people lost their lives because a few scientists wanted to see what would happen if two viruses were allowed to combine. And what they got was a virus so wicked that millions would pay with their lives.

Anthony Fauci saw a chance at making his name great. If he could create a killer bug and find a cure, his name would be forever cemented in history. He would have to hide his steps and illegal funding exploits, but that was a minor step to him.

Paul stated that “The only way I foresee he’ll be held accountable is through the public eye, and people are talking about this. Six, nine months ago, I think he was on such a pedestal that nobody was questioning his authority, because he could say anything, and it went to his head.” Popularity corrupts when mixed with power, and Fauci fell face-first into the mix of them both.