Red Flag Gun Laws Have Created Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities in America

The Second Amendment, which gives American citizens the right to bear arms, is under constant attack from the Liberal front. Our forefathers who didn’t have this right in the lands from which they arrived, made darn certain that residents of the new world could carry a firearm as they saw fit.

At the epicenter of fighting back against proposed new laws surrounding the restrictions of gun ownership is the state of Virginia. This past January, thousands of Virginians gathered in protest at their state capitol. By order of the governor, guns were prohibited on the grounds, but he couldn’t do a single thing about the attendees standing on the other side of the fence, some of whom were armed to the teeth.

“USA!” they shouted. “It’s time to stand up and fight back.” With the exception of only a few counties in the state, every other county has passed what they refer to as ‘second amendment sanctuary resolutions,’ all of which speak against the idea of more and tougher gun control laws.

One of the protestors said, “I know that if anybody is going to get guns taken away from them, it’s going to be people who go have them legally because that’s the only ones that have them on record. So, I don’t think that’s right.” In other words, illegal guns will still be out there regardless of what laws are passed.

This, of course, would leave law-abiding citizens defenseless and unprotected from the bad guys. Virginia’s liberal Democrat-controlled legislature tried to expand the definition of ‘assault weapons’ so they could block the sale of more legitimate guns, but they were shot down.

But in April, Virginia’s Democratic governor Ralph Northam did manage to slide in a new series of gun laws which include expanding background checks, even to include the private sale weapons. Handgun purchases are now limited to one gun per month.

The governor also signed into existence a new Red Flag law which can temporarily block anyone from purchasing a gun who is deemed as a high risk for committing violence. Who exactly makes this determination is not fully understood.

New Mexico and Rhode Island joined suit by more or less copying Virginias Red Flag law and Colorado has just recently begun enforcing a similar law. But on the other side of the coin, some states are declaring themselves as second amendment sanctuary states, and they aren’t changing a thing.

New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Nebraska, voted against any type of Red Flag law, as well as some counties and cities within other states.

For instance, even in Virginia, Rich Creek is ignoring the new laws. Other locations from Kenai, Alaska to small and large communities in Idaho have also chosen to not heed Red Flag laws.

Despite these new laws, gun advocates had some pretty nice wins elsewhere. Indiana trashed the permit fee for buying handguns and are giving legal immunity to anyone who may have been involved in what they consider to have been a justified shooting.

California attempted to place a ban on high-capacity magazines but a federal appeals court tossed the proposed law out by saying it would be an unconstitutional infringement of the Second Amendment.

The controversial issues surrounding legal gun ownership are not anything new. They’ll continue to haunt gun advocates for centuries to come, but as more and more American citizens are revealing, they believe the old ways are still the best so why overturn the applecart.